Dealer Assets

Assets for Authorised Dealer Use

The Links below will open up the PDF's and/or ask you where to save the files on your computer.

Note: You can Right-Click on the links below to copy the actual link to add to an email to send to printers if the file is too big to email directly. 

Current Promotion

 Download Promo DL Flyer Artwork PDF (12MB)
 Download the Dominator A5 Artwork  Promo A5 Flyer Artwork PDF (11MB)
 Download the Dominator A1 Poster Artwork Promo A1 Flyer Artwork PDF (38MB)
 Download the Dominator Email Signature Image Email Signature Promo Image (56KB)
 Dominator Security Icon Auto-Lock Security Icon Files (127KB)
 Dominator Promo Assets Jun19 Dominator Promo Assets Jun19 .ZIP (15MB)


Logo's, Images Etc.

 Download Dominator Logo Files Dominator Logo Files .ZIP (4MB)
 Dominator 10Y Warranty Icon Files Dominator Warranty Icon Files (133KB)
 Dominator Opener Images Dominator Domestic Opener Images .ZIP (16MB)
 Download GDO-10 Images Dominator GDO-10 Opener Images .ZIP (8MB)
 Download GDO-12 Images Dominator GDO-12 Opener Images .ZIP (29MB)


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