10 Garage Upgrades that add Property Value

If you’re looking to sell or simply to keep your home up to standard in the neighbourhood, consider including the garage in your maintenance and improvement plan. A garage can effectively be regarded as another room in the house and its potential for adding value can often be overlooked. Read on for ten garage upgrades that can add value to your property.

Improved Security

With the garage being a commonly-targeted entry point for burglars, the importance of a secure garage door can’t be understated. Choose a garage door opener with Tri-Tran+™128 anti-theft technology to avoid code stealing and consider features such as Dominator’s Auto-Lock technology, which more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position.
Check out our 10 Best Security tips here.

The Convenience of Automation

If you’re still leaving the car to open your garage - or gate - this upgrade is a no-brainer. An automatic garage door opener will change your life as well as adding value to your property. Here’s what to look for when you’re choosing one.
Dominator’s range of automated garage door openers has options for all modern garage doors with a price range to accommodate big and small budgets.

Prioritise Safety

You can’t put a price on safety but having safety measures in place can only be good for adding value to your property. The risk factors that come with a large moving garage door can be greatly decreased with the right technology such as a sensor that will stop and reverse the garage door if it comes into contact with anything on its course (standard on Dominator Garage Door Openers). Infrared motion sensors can be added for an extra layer of protection, halting the progress of the door if the beam is broken by movement under the garage door.

Storage is Key

Sadly lacking in many homes, it’s ironic that storage is something we all seem to look for! Potential buyers will be thrilled if you’ve done the hard yards for them by installing useful storage systems in the garage.


Most homes are insulated but a frigid garage can lessen its effectiveness. Insulate your garage to open up possibilities for other uses as well as helping to save on heating costs. An insulated garage door can help to regulate the temperature in your garage too.

Wall Lining

Create potential galore such as an extra bedroom, teen hangout, side-hustle space, hobby zone or man cave / woman cave with a lined garage. Promote those possibilities when it comes time to sell. Fixing and stopping Gib is best done by professionals for a streamlined result.

Floor Covering

Here’s a great DIY idea that can make a huge difference to your garage! Adding a floor covering is something you can achieve in a weekend and enjoy long term or use to add instant appeal. An easy to clean garage floor is way more attractive than stained and dusty concrete. We’ve reviewed some of the options here.

A Great Looking Garage Door

A garage often takes up to 30% of the road frontage of a property so if yours is less than attractive or outdated it could quickly put people off. It’s surprising the value a new garage door can contribute. Dominator’s range offers the best in quality with beautiful NZ Colorsteel and profiles to suit all types of architecture. With generous warranties and nationwide servicing, purchasers can have total confidence in their Dominator garage door for years to come.

Sensor Lighting and Security Cameras

Protection and convenience go hand in hand when you add security cameras and even the simplest sensor lights. Peace of mind far outweighs cost here and little extras like these will help to ease the minds of potential buyers, knowing that everything has been well considered. Place lights strategically to turn on as you arrive home and in spots that connect the garage to the home, as well as near the front and back doors and any places that could harbour a would-be burglar.

Landscaping & Driveway

First impressions count - check the appearance of your garage as you come up the driveway, if it’s a bit of an eyesore then perhaps some TLC with landscaping could be in order? Are there cracks and oil stains on the driveway taking attention from the good aspects of the property? Driveway maintenance is usually a one-day DIY and well worth your time.

Looking for that perfect mix of quality, durability, protection and design appeal for your garage door? Talk to Dominator

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