5 Emerging exterior design trends

We wrote about garage door trends for 2022 back in December. Now we're looking at the exterior house design trends emerging this year and we've chosen five of our favourites to highlight.

Important to note - it's not just about jumping on a trend, we're taking a look at this year’s popular design directions with an eye to how you can incorporate elements of fashionable themes to update your own home. Take a look to see how you could enhance your curb appeal with the best exterior house design trends for 2022.

Dark Exteriors


While soft white home exteriors remain popular in 2022, the complete opposite is also very popular … dark, rich, moody exteriors. Above left: Sierra image courtesy of David Reid Homes.

While white will always be a popular house colour, we’re seeing a rise in moody charcoals and deep blacks being the exterior colour of choice in 2022. The trend is also evident in garage doors, with Ebony, FlaxPod and Windsor Grey being among the most popular garage door colours sold by our dealers nationwide. Black has a wonderful receding quality that perfectly compliments natural textures and nothing makes foliage and gardens pop like a black-on-black backdrop.

Perhaps you don’t want to go all the way with black? Try our next trend for a less-is-more approach.

Coloured accents and colour blocking


Colour blocking can be achieved with paint or with contrasting materials. Above right: Nevada image courtesy of David Reid Homes. Bottom row: Black and metallic accents add definition and interest. 

It's not just a clothing trend, colour-blocking is for homes too, allowing you to experiment using rich colours with no major commitment. Paint strategic sections to bring out design features, exaggerate proportions and provide depth and contrast. You’ll create a unique design effect and give your home a new lease of life without the bother of painting the entire house.

Black and coloured home accents are continuing a rise in popularity. Try swapping out exterior door hardware with matte black handles and locks. When replacing windows and doors, step away from white frames and go with black to make a bold design statement. Tie it all together by painting door and window frames too. 

How about a quirky approach to this trend? Try updating to bronze and copper downpipes and guttering. 

Natural Textures 


Above top left: Sierra image courtesy of David Reid Homes. Bottom right: Nevada image courtesy of David Reid Homes.

A huge trend that makes a timeless style statement is to include natural textures such as wood, stone or brick accents to your exterior cladding. Think vertical wood panels, hand-sawn beams and natural schist, which all pair beautifully with white and black. All of these natural elements add texture, warmth and curb appeal. 

Tip: Using materials that imitate the natural textures of rock can create the desired look without the hefty price tag.

Low maintenance and sustainable materials


From using natural light and thermal mass to low VOC products and green spaces, sustainability looks different in every building.

We're talking beautiful products that will go the extra mile. Exterior materials need to provide exceptional protection from the elements while offering low-maintenance beauty that won’t go out of style quickly. In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of new builds and renovations, homeowners are embracing more sustainable materials such as recycled brick and timber, straw bales and products containing fewer harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Elevated outdoor living


Outdoor kitchens and living spaces protected from the elements are one of the hottest exterior design trends that we can totally get on board with!

With so much time spent at home in the past couple of years, garden spaces that can accommodate prolonged time outdoors are now key to exterior house designs. Covered spaces like pergolas and sheltered lounges have become de rigueur, fitted with windbreaks, comfy sofas and fireplaces. Outdoor kitchens complete with sinks, benches and gourmet BBQs are a priority and everyone who's anyone is planning a hot tub!

Some trends are more lasting than others and while it can be tempting to follow fashion, good house design is really about reflecting your unique character and improving your lifestyle. It's best to follow your gut and only implement trends that you love and would incorporate whether or not they were the current favourite.

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