Amazing Tiny House with Space for a Garage

When we think of all the spaces we ‘need’ in a home - living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, storage, garage, laundry - the footprint of that home is created from a puzzle. We must fit all those pieces of space together onto a plan of the landscape available while meeting building codes and budget constraints. Transfer that thinking to a tiny home and something’s gotta give. The first item to get crossed off the plan is usually a garage. Well, not so for Domo Dom in Karkow, Poland.

Domo Dom translates to “house for one”. Arciteckt.Lemanski designed the home for a gardener who wanted simple, functional interior spaces while maximising views and outdoor access. The main idea of the project was to design each room so that it does not lose functionality due to its size. At the same time, the house has to meet land development conditions that deny the inclusion of gable roofs. The solution, a sloping roofline that appears to climb over the garage for a closer view of the sky. 

Exterior views of amazing tiny house

  • Architects: Architekt Tadeusz LemaÅ„ski
  • Project: Domo dom – one person’s house
  • Photography: Tomasz Zakrzewski
  • Living area: 40 m2
  • Garage: 22 m2

The one-bedroom home has a combination dining / living space in front of the kitchen and overlooking the back deck. The entrance is located just off of the kitchen and a stairwell beside it leads up to the bedroom on the second level that swings over the top of the garage. The vertical curve of the stairwell follows the line of the facade, along with the angled windows. Supporting the base of the curve is the single garage, its sturdy concrete block fabrication contrasting with the dark, ribbed steel of the rest of the building.

Inside the tiny house looks cosy

Minimal colours for light, wood for warmth and a pop of bright red just for fun.

Inside, clever choices include drum-shaped dining chairs that double as lounge chairs and a light, monochrome colour palette, to maximise the feeling of space. Pops of colour such as the brilliant red vintage fridge keep the look fresh.

A layer of warmth is created by the wooden table and doorframe leading to the stairwell. The stairwell design is simple, but being lit by an angled window brings an element of the extraordinary into play.

Beside the stairwell and opposite the main entrance is the bathroom, centrally-located to provide easy access for the owner and guests.

Upstairs is dedicated to the bedroom area and features a cosy seating area with media wall tucked into the wedge created by the sloping roof. A gorgeous space for private relaxation.

Landscaping is minimal but effective

See how the stone gardens continue beneath the deck, creating a visual flow.

Though landscaping is fairly minimal, it has been put to use in clever ways, as with the small stone garden featuring a specimen tree tucked into the void under the curve.

A brick pathway leads from the garage to the entrance on the side of the home, with stonescaping on either side. The fun swirled shapes of the stonescape gardens provide the perfect foil to the boxy structure and add to the whimsical feeling created by the swooping facade.

Huge glass doors open onto a linear deck, doubling the living space in warm weather.

Liveable, welcoming and has a garage

Yup, the garage does have internal access!

This home proves that a house does not need to be large to be a liveable, welcoming space with show-stopping features, it simply needs a good design and quality materials.

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