Child Safety on New Zealand Driveways

New Zealand is not alone in having a shameful record of accidents involving children in driveways.

There are a number of contributing factors to the awful statistics, such as:

HUMAN ERROR Children are small and humans make mistakes
VEHICLES All have blind zones on all sides
ENVIRONMENT Long or shared driveways, no separate pedestrian access, or driveways not fenced off from play areas. The risks can be just as great in high-density housing areas, suburbs or rural areas.

Driveway Safety Stats 

What can you do to reduce the risk?

VIGILANCE Can you see the children? Always check around the vehicle before reversing and find out where the children are before you leave.
SUPERVISION Children should never be left unattended around a reversing car. If necessary, put them in the car with you.
PREVENTION Separate play areas from driving areas with fences and gates.

  • Fitting a reversing camera to an existing vehicle can be a simple and affordable option. A reversing camera system can be installed at home in less than an hour, and could cost about the same as a typical insurance policy excess. However, a camera should not be used as a failsafe means of checking!
  • If your environment means that children are likely to play on the driveway, you can take steps to safeguard the area.
  • Remind neighbours and visitors to watch for your children.
  • Place signs and temporary fences on the driveway when children are playing.


Driveway Safety - Gates 

Safety First on the Footpath too

  • The footpath is not for cars – be alert.
  • Drive out forwards from your driveway if you can.
  • Reverse slowly and safely.
  • Stop and double check for children and cyclists.
  • EVERY time

 Driveway Safety - Signs

The National campaign by Safekids Aotearoa - “Check for me before you turn the key”, has used TV advertising and educational resources to help get the message out to be vigilant every single time you get behind the wheel.

Visit their website for advice and plenty of free resources for your community

 Don’t let the one time you didn’t check properly be the one time you wish you had.


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