Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Garage Junk

It’s not new news any more, junk is overflowing landfills and polluting our waterways. Rather than trash everything no longer fit for its purpose, why not find a new use for it? You’ll rid yourself of the junk problem, get something ‘new’ for free (or next-to-nothing) and feel better about your carbon footprint all in one go!

We’ve rounded up a few ideas specifically for re-purposing the junk typically lurking in suburban garages.


Landfills are full of steel rims that will hang around for many years doing no good to anyone. Yet they can make amazing fire pits and braziers, from being simply surrounded by bricks to being stacked into sophisticated towers. They can also make a fun hose reel or for those with some woodworking skills, a pretty impressive coffee table. Use our images as inspiration.


Whoever thought that ‘washing machine drum’ and ‘cute’ could go into the same sentence? Yet here we are, with some very cute ways to upcycle an old washing machine drum! See images below.


When it comes to upcycled garden ideas the sky is the limit! Almost any rusty item can be given a second life as a creative container. The look is perfect for farmhouse-style decor.

Metal wheelbarrows have a limited lifespan, but you can put them out to pasture in a creative way. Make a rustic and portable planter for herbs and flowers. Take advantage of those rust holes for drainage (or drill some in) and simply add soil and seedlings before wheeling it off to the sunniest spot in the garden.

If the handle has rotted off an old rake and never been replaced, that rake head can be up cycled into one sturdy set of hooks! Use in the kitchen, garage or garden and hang tools from the tines. Almost makes us want the rake handle to break!


Old metal tool chests can last a lifetime - in more ways than one! Transform an old tool box into a cool charging station for the garage.

For inside use, a small suitcase or vanity case can be repurposed into a charging station as well, keeping those cords tidied away and creating a designated spot to find chargers.

What better use for an old suitcase than a wee bed for puss!

Find the tutorial for a cute Suitcase Dollhouse here:

An old golf bag on wheels can be used to store and caddy long workshop or garden tools, which fit neatly in the main compartment. Hand tools can be clipped to the outside. The pockets hold screws and bolts, or seeds, shears, and other smaller items. If you discover any tees inside one of those pockets, they can be put to use too. Wooden or plastic tees make great colour-coded markers for newly seeded gardens.

There are ‘a thousand and one’ uses for old picture frames, the bigger and flashier, the better - those gaudy old frames from the 70’s look fabulous with a coat of paint. 


Got an old pile of rusted pipe ends and fittings destined for the tip? Use rust remover to get back their shine and transform your old junk into a steampunk chess set!

Apple Powermac G5. Those superseded models hanging around in the back of the garage can still be put to good use. Just add legs to create a geeky coffee table, perfect for teenage hangouts or student flats.

A chair planter is the perfect way to repurpose a chair with a broken seat! Cover the open chair seat with chicken wire. Bend the wire into a basket-like shape and secure it to the seat with wire or staples. Line the basket with moss or a coconut fibre basket liner and then inlay some newspaper. Fill the basket with soil and plant with succulents and perennials. Makes a beautiful display for an area of the garden that is hard to plant otherwise.

A dried-out or cracked wooden salad bowl might not look great on the family dinner table, but why not turn those faults into positives to create a statement on the back patio! Screw three tapered table legs to the bottom of a wooden bowl to construct a tripod planter. If there are no cracks in the bowl, drill some holes in the base to allow for drainage. Now fill the bowl with cuttings from your existing plants and watch the planter come to life.

Did you know that strawberries are perennial? They will die down after summer but return again next year. This up-cycled planter box can be moved during winter to be brought out again during the growing season! Find the how-to at


This is only the tip of the iceberg, the internet is full of ideas for repurposing… Is it time to take another look at your ‘rubbish’?

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