Creating the Perfect Man Cave on a Budget

Few things around the home could outdo the pleasure of having your own space to express yourself, house your toys and do just whatever makes you happy.

We have already discussed in our previous article: Man Caves & Why We Need Them that having a man - or lady - cave is not only good for relaxation, it’s practically a necessity for maintaining psychological wellbeing.

Let’s look at the fundamentals of creating your own cave with the likely scenario of a smallish space, garage or shed conversion and limited budget.

The fundamentals of creating your own man cave

For your cave, we suggest some planning to get the most out of your resources. Start by making lists of your Needs, Wants and Things that you already have. Pinterest is awesome for this sort of planning, such an easy way to keep track of your ideas.

Needs - what does it need to function as a decent place to relax in?

  • Do the walls need gib or plywood, or some paint? Keeping the space warm is really important for comfort.
  • If you are converting a garage or shed, it’s likely your floor will be concrete and therefore will benefit from some covering, especially in the TV area for reducing sound echo.
  • Lighting is easy to overlook, but can make a big difference to the atmosphere. A badly-lit darts board or pool table really dims the fun. Somewhere that doesn’t need brightness is the TV area. Installing a dimmer switch here is cheap and something you can do yourself.
  • The bathroom is a high priority for obvious reasons (especially if there’s a lot of drinking going on). TIP: Spring for a urinal and be congratulated by all and sundry for your intelligence and sense of good taste.
  • Don’t forget a garbage and a recycling bin! Cleaning up can be a real downer at the end of a fun night - or worse, the next day. Make it easy for people to do the right thing - and make it a cave rule.
  • The Chair. At least one, very comfortable, moulded to your shape, chair to relax in.


The Man Cave

Wants - what are all the things you would love to have in your cave of bliss?

Flat screen TV, bar, reclining chairs, pool table, fridge, wifi sound system, home gym, putting green, underfloor heating, spa pool etc.

Start by buying what you can afford then get your DIY hat on and start some projects. Be inspired with our pics or cruise the internet for a never-ending source of inspiration. The rest could go onto the Christmas list or savings plan.

Creating your Man Cave

Haves - What do you already own that will be fun to include?

Those things that are taking up space elsewhere, or that you love but others in the household aren’t fond of (this can also be used as leverage to justify having your own cave). That threadbare armchair that fits your shape perfectly, the singing trout your mates gave you for a stag gift, that old beer fridge just begging to be converted into a kegerator…

Whatever you do, make the space yours and get some serious down time relaxation underway.

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