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Firstly, a woman cave need not be filled with pink things. Furthermore, it is not the exact opposite of a man cave.

Rather, it is a space where a woman can relax and have some me-time. A place where she can decompress and re-energize, allowing her personality and creativity to run free. Sounds pretty good huh? Might as well make the most of it with some good planning and prioritising.

Consider the mood you would like to create. You may want a theme or have a favourite colour that will set the tone for the space. There may be a sport or hobby that takes precedence and needs to take the lion’s share of the room. Obviously, there won’t be room for toys, bikes or tools - unless they are yours!

Woman CaveYour cave is the place to do, look at and dream about the things that you love, decorate it with wild abandon!

Think about what you would love to do in the area and its advantages and limitations. Plan a layout based on the space available and figure out where everything will go.

For the basic fit out it’s important to consider things like electrical wiring, floor coverings and insulation. You do not want a dark and cold personal sanctuary! Light is really important - depending on your intended activities, extra lighting may be needed.

Maybe this is the place where your dream décor can take flight. It’s much cheaper than doing the whole house up! Here are some ideas of popular décor styles for inspiration:

Industrial Raw wood, brick, metal, exposed framework and pipes, simple lines and open spaces

Shabby Chic whites and pastels, antique finishes, distressed furniture, soft feminine vibes, ornate light fixtures

Scandi white, pale wood, furs and animal skins, simple furniture design, plants, understated, small pops of colour

Bohemian carefree, some vintage, globally-inspired rugs and textiles, travel knick-knacks, comfy chairs and floor pillows, mismatched items

Hollywood Glam luxurious, dramatic, plush furnishings - velvet, mirrors, antiques, glitzy metallics; bold colours - purples, reds, turquoise

Pinterest is a great place to save ideas and gives you a window to your own soul… oftentimes, you might not realise what your style is until you see it emerging on the images you choose to save.

Lady CaveConsiderations for inclusion: fridge for the wine, entertainment (sound system, tv etc), mini-gym, bar, craft/hobby table and storage spaces, comfortable furniture, cushions galore, favourite artworks, book shelf, best friends.

If you have a space for a woman / she / ma’am / babe / chick cave, we hope you have found some inspiration here to make the most of it. If not, dreams are free. Why not go ahead and dream some?

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