Creating Your Dream Garage in New Zealand

We’re talking a real garage here, the place where your car is housed, your lawnmower and tools are kept and where those necessary household jobs are performed. Start out right and your dream garage might just stay looking smick!

If a man cave is more your thing, we’ve written about creating your very own cave here. We haven’t forgotten the She-Shed!

Garage Door

A great garage door and opener combo will give you protection and satisfaction for many years. Dominator Garage Doors are made from NZ Colorsteel in some of the thickest weights you’ll come across. The range of colours, profiles, windows and accessories give you the best options available to create a garage door that not only looks great on the street, it protects your home and family like no other. Check out our range here.

Dominator's Futura (above), ticking a lot of dreamy boxes.

Caption Test

Flooring, storing and roaring...


Going the extra mile to insulate your garage may seem like overkill, but the gains you get from a  garage that is tolerable in winter are totally worth it. Complete the insulation loop with an insulated garage door from Dominator’s Insulated series. We’ve written about the benefits of an insulated garage door here.

Dominator's Insulated Series features graphite-infused insulation technology and has an attractive grey finish.


Concrete dust just never seems to stop, but give your garage a floor covering and you’ll never have to think about it! The whole garage will have more appeal with floor covering. Epoxy resin, vinyl or tiles give a great looking result and a user-friendly surface for garages that see plenty of action. We’ve written about garage flooring finishes here.


This can mean the difference between a garage that you can barely get the car in, and one that you’ll be proud to leave open to view by the neighbours! Instal some decent storage right at the start and you’ll avoid the ‘Before’ image below…


Inject some of this into your garage. The garage is the place where you can let your imagination go wild and your DIY talents come to the fore! Go forth and dream…


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