Premium Designer Garage Doors in New Zealand

At Dominator, we love to give you the best protection a garage door can provide. Now, we have great pleasure in offering Designer Doors, premium garage doors made from toughened glass or acrylic panels framed by industrial-strength, powder coated aluminium. You’ll get a classy showstopper of a door with all the benefits of Dominator’s proven features for security and convenience.

A glass or acrylic panelled garage door can be a stunning complement to the clean-lined geometry of modern architecture. It can also bring an older home into line with today’s style, or turn the blandest building into a minimalist, contemporary haven.

With the options available, you can really be adventurous when you design your garage door. The components of glass or acrylic panels and aluminium framing are each customisable, here’s where the fun starts...

PANELS - Glass or Acrylic

During the day, natural light filters into the garage through the glazed panels, making the space instantly more inviting. At night, when lit from behind, the garage door ‘glows’ from within, creating a beautiful focal point on the home’s exterior. 

To control daylight and privacy, customise the transparency of the glazing. Utilise tinting or frosting to create effects. Choose opaque, coloured, mirrored or even textured panels depending on your desired style and usage. 

Designer Doors will be built to the specifications of your opening, so panels will be sized accordingly.

If you’re wondering about the difference between acrylic and glass panels, acrylic is lighter than glass so it may be the better choice for large garage doors.

FRAME - Industrial-strength Aluminium

Framing each panel is powder-coated aluminium, industrial strength yet soft to the touch and able to weather the extremes. Complement your home’s colour scheme with the extensive powder coat colour selection - we’re talking 100 colours here - or choose to match your window joinery. 

Monochrome framing in black or white gives a classic, industrial look, while lighter colours can tone in and soften the effect of the frame. Or go wild and choose a standout colour that sets your home apart from the rest! You have the ability to create a truly unique, high-end garage door.


The Dominator Designer Door premium garage door comes with a five-year warranty. Or when teamed with our premium garage door opener, get the Total Confidence 10 Year Warranty*.
*Terms & Conditions Apply. Regular servicing required to maintain the warranty.


Enhance your Dominator experience with add-ons including our Smartphone Kit, Wireless Safety Beams and Autolock wireless locking system. Your sales consultant will be happy to help explain the benefits of these options further.

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