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When you’re designing a new garage for your home, consider a holistic approach, taking factors like size, design and resale value into account. Understanding how to make the best use of your space will ensure that you build a garage that suits your needs and budget. Here’s our a guide to designing a blueprint for your garage before starting construction. 

Standalone or Attached?

There are pros and cons to having an attached garage. Pros include: Internal access to the house; close access to connect amenities like power and water.
Cons include: restricted size; will the roofline accommodate an extension: how will the garage connect to the home; will adjacent rooms like bedrooms be adversely affected?

Standalone garage pros: the possibility of a larger garage such as double-storey; less disturbance to the house while building and when in use; it might be cheaper to build new than renovate or extend.
Downsides to a standalone garage: no internal access; matching the design to your home may be costly; loss of yard space; and where the heck to put it?

There's a door in Dominator's range to suit every garage.

Size Does Matter

If space is at a premium, you’ll need to make a tough decision. Two cars with a tight fit, or one car and plenty of storage space? Consider the resale value and how the home will be used in years to come. More space either side of the car means you are less likely to hit walls when opening the car doors and opens up possibilities for storage. More room at the end of the garage might allow you to include a workshop, laundry or Man Cave/She Shed. Allow at least one metre of space for accessing storage without taking up car space. 

Do you have large vehicles? Ensure the garage door opening is wide enough to park the car without risk of scraping the sides. Dominator’s tough Sectional Garage Door range has plenty of options for wider openings, talk to one of our friendly distributors in your area for advice.

Make sure there is enough space for the car and storage

Match or Mismatch?

The building materials used to construct your home can play a major role in the design and cost of your garage. Although it’s not necessary to match your garage to your home, an attached garage will work best when it complements your existing design, cladding and colours. It may be easier to get away with cheaper materials such as galvanised steel when building a standalone garage.

With Dominator, it's easy to match your garage door to your home. Most doors have the option of smooth or woodgrain finish and the profiles on offer give you the flexibility to complement the house’s cladding with ease. The Colorsteel® range includes 18 standard colours and Dulux’s Powdercoated options take the range to over 100 colours!

Choosing Your Garage Doors

It’s the largest moving object in your home, so take the time to consider the many options when choosing garage doors. For example, do you need a Sectional door or Flex-A-Door due to head space? Do you need one large door or two smaller doors? Will your garage door need insulation? What about windows, or automation, like smartphone technology that can let you know whether you remembered to close your garage door and can close it for you from anywhere in the world*? The options from Dominator give you the freedom to design the perfect garage for your needs, so speak to an expert when making your decision.
*Subject to WiFi reception and connectivity.

Dominator's safety features protect your car and your family

Protecting Cars Against Damage and Theft

When choosing garage doors, think about the safety features that will protect your vehicles. The Dominator Panel-Pro and Dominator Advance feature an automatic reverse function that brings the door back up if it makes contact with a vehicle - or anything else.

Highly recommended, infrared beams are an optional safety feature that can be fitted to Dominator garage door openers, meaning the door will stop and reverse if the beam is obstructed. This is important for protecting cars, pets, and children who may pass through the opening while the garage door is in operation. 

For added security, Dominator’s Auto-Lock passes a bolt between the garage door and frame, providing a physical barrier that can prevent forced opening.

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To find the right garage doors for your blueprint design, organise a consultation with your local Dominator Distributor. Our team will talk you through your options for classic and designer garage doors, openers, automation and much more. Call our team on 0800 005 686 or request a quote online today.

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