Dominator Dealer Spotlight: John Moroney, Garage Doors Auckland

The grocery business was good for John Moroney; his career in FMCG had culminated in senior roles with several large grocery suppliers. But once mid-life hit, John was ready for a change. He wanted to work for himself and make a move away from the industry he had known for three decades. So, with a short checklist in hand, John set about looking for the right business, something that needed a bit of nurturing.

Rather than step in to fill someone else’s shoes, John was keen to grow an undeveloped business. “I didn’t want to buy someone else’s hard work, I wanted to buy potential and I would do the hard work,” he says. After selling major grocery brands all his life, at the top of John’s checklist was something with an excellent brand behind it “For me, quality and the good name of the business is the most important thing”. So, when John came across a Dominator dealership, he knew it was a great fit.

Now you may not think that garage doors have anything in common with supermarkets, and you’d be right, but what John’s previous career taught him has been at the core of success in his new venture, that is, understanding the business side of the business. Things that other businesses struggle with, like balancing the books, are second nature to John, but he “didn’t know one end of a garage door to the other” to use his own words. It was a steep learning curve, but with a few weeks’ handover, a quick mind and helpful advice from Dominator’s parent company B&D along with friendly tips from other Dominator dealers, Garage Doors Auckland was rearing to go.

The business experienced its most significant growth - a whopping 40% - in the first 12 months with John at the helm. He takes pride in providing a quality product with impeccable service, stating, “We do what we say we will do and if something’s not right, we fix it quickly. So we have a bunch of happy customers out there.”

Fast forward six years and John’s in his element. He has worked hard to build a harmonious team “a happy shop is a productive shop”, he says. John employs three installers plus an office staff of three who job share with a crossover day to ensure they are always on top of whichever jobs are on the board. John and his team offer the full range of Dominator products and cover all of the Central City and West Auckland. Along with supply, servicing and installation, they’ll organise everything you need to get your property ready for a new garage door. That includes building, concrete cutting, alterations, removal and disposal of your old garage door, electrical work, reframing, whatever you need. “We try to be a one-stop-shop”, says John.

John Moroney and Dominator's Insulated Series

Left: John Moroney has found that insulation makes his own garage door even quieter in its operation. Right: Dominator's Insulated Series gives you plenty of style options.

John prefers to advise customers on the best product possible for a long-term solution. For instance, a motor might be repairable, but it’s eventually going to need replacement. It can be more economical to purchase a new one straight up. “A good repair might last six months or so but spend double and you’ll likely have it for ten years or more”, he says, adding that the warranty on the new product keeps you covered anyway. 

Features of Dominator Garage Doors that are particularly popular with John’s customers include insulation, Auto-LockSmartphone Kits and PE Beams. John values the insulation on his own garage door, a Valero complete with smartphone kit, in New Denim Blue to match his roof. The insulation has made John’s door noticeably quieter - as well as a reduction in noise transfer, the door is less noisy in its operation. John especially likes the look of flat panels, adding that the minimalist look goes with anything, even older homes. “People might worry that flat panels are too modern, but they are actually very versatile”. John recommends enquiring about the beautiful new matte colours available for Sierra and Nevada Garage Doors.

Valero, from Dominator's insulated series

John's garage door at home is a Valero, similar to those above.

John’s advice for those looking to buy a new garage door? Do what he did and make a checklist. “Do some research, take a look at the website and have your questions ready when I turn up, then I can advise you on the best product”. 

Questions to ask yourself when deciding on a new garage door: 

  • Why are you changing your garage door? What do you want it to do that the old one doesn’t?
  • How do you want your new garage door to look? Think colour matching or complementary tones, panel width and finish (smooth or textured).
  • Is security a significant factor for you? Look at smartphone kits, Auto-Lock.
  • Is a quiet garage door top of your list? Insulation can help. An insulated garage door reduces noise and heat transfer into and out of the garage.
  • Would windows make a big difference to your garage? Check suitability on each product.
  • Is a family-friendly garage door important? Features that can help include wall-mounted keypad access, smartphone kit, PE beams.


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