DOMINATOR Openers Make your Garage Safer

Dominator believes the safety of your family and possessions is of the utmost importance, so we incorporate some of the most advanced safety features into our garage doors and openers.

The Problem:

Children or pets moving under the door while it is closing. Why run the risk of anyone being hurt?

The Solution: Safety Infra-Red Beams

These can be fitted to your opener, so that if the beam is broken while the door is in use, the door will automatically stop and reverse, without making contact with whomever has broken the beam.   Dominator recommends the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.  

Contact your local dealer to have a safety infra-red beam fitted. 

The Problem:

The garage door closing onto a vehicle

The Solution: Automatic Reverse Function

Our GDO range of openers come with an automatic reverse function. If the garage door comes into contact with an obstruction on its downward journey it goes back up, or if it comes into contact with an obstruction on its upward journey it automatically stops.

This is a standard feature of our stellar GDO openers.

Top row: Dominator’s Infra-red safety beam prevents the garage door from coming into contact with anything or anyone that happens to move under it.
Middle: Having an entry keypad means that you and your family needn’t ever be locked out.
Bottom Left: Dominator’s GDO-9 Premium Sectional Garage Door Opener; Bottom Right: Dominator’s GDO-11 Sectional Garage Door Opener

The Problem:

Lost keys and/or garage door transmitters

The Solution: Dominator Entry Keypads

In a busy household, there is so much coming and going that it can be hard to keep track of who has a key or a garage door opener. Then add lost keys/transmitters, forgotten items or changed plans into the mix, and things can get really messy!

Installing a Dominator Entry Keypad can help in many ways, allowing access to your home via a pin number. It’s especially good for children as they do tend to lose track of their things… It’s also really handy if you’ve just popped out for a run, or to walk the dog or up to the local dairy. Even if you’re gardening and don’t want to leave the garage door open. No concerns about carrying a set of keys, hiding a key under the doormat (a terrible idea!) or locking yourself out.

Contact your local dealer to instal an entry keypad. 

The Problem:

Power Outages or no Mains Power available

Solution 1: Rechargeable Battery Backup

In the event of a blackout or a break to your power supply, your opener will still be operational with a rechargeable battery backup.

Solution 2: SmartSolarTM Solar Charging Option

If there is no mains power available to the garage door, our solar charging option provides the power you need.



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