Rolling Garage Doors - Not Just High Rollers

Roller doors were among the first automated garage doors to be manufactured many moons ago, and today they are still in high demand for good reason - the humble roller is compact, simple to use and strong, even in harsh conditions. 

Being able to park close to the door on either side is a big advantage as is being able to make maximum use of ceiling space. Dominator Roller Doors are supported by side tracks which work with the vertical operation of the door to prevent any chance of the door blowing open or shut, dropping or swinging.
Offering mini-warehouse types to maximum torque industrial powerhouse doors with multi-operator capabilities, Dominator has ensured that roller doors aren’t quite like they used to be - they are in fact much better. Let’s take a closer look at Dominator’s Roller Door Series.

Series A mini warehouse roller doors

SERIES A. Mini Warehouse

Suited to situations such as self-storage facilities and large housing complexes, Dominator’s Series A Roller Doors have big features behind their small facade. The strength of NZ Colorsteel® ensures the kind of durability that facility owners depend on.
Vehicles can park close to the door and once inside, space is maximised with the compact roll of the door meaning every inch of floor space can be utilised.

Series B Residential

The pressed steel curtain square profile matches with the larger series C Industrial Roller Door

SERIES B Semi-Industrial Roller door 

In some cases, a new sectional garage door just won’t fit, or perhaps the requirement is for doors of varying size to match. Say hello to Dominator’s Series B Roller Door, giving homeowners the same robust and reliable service as our heavy-duty roller doors with the convenience of requiring only minimal headspace for operation. The lightweight, easy operation of the series B roller door is perfectly suited to counters, kiosks and bars, emergency services, factories and warehouses.
Smooth, quiet and stylish in a great range of Colorsteel® colour choices, built to order to suit your opening - even if the floor is sloped.

Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 2100mm - 3300mm in height and 2400mm - 4800mm in width.


Series C Industrial Roller Doors

SERIES C Industrial

This is the ultimate for heavy-use industrial and commercial applications, made to a high standard of durability, performance and operational ease. Manufactured to order from continuous brake pressed steel curtain, the door features deep, rigid channel grooves and an aluminium bottom rail with a weather strip to keep out dirt, leaves and weather. The design also minimises corrosion by preventing the penetration of moisture and dust.

Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 24000mm to 5000mm in height and 2400mm to 4900mm door widths.

To order the perfect Dominator Roller Door for your needs, speak to one of over 30 dealers nationwide, or utilise our Free Measure and Quote service today.

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