Top 10 Security Tips for Your Garage

It’s common knowledge that the garage is a target point for burglars seeking an easy way to break in to homes. If your security is compromised through the garage, not only your vehicle and tools but the whole of your home can be susceptible to a burglary. Use our garage security tips to ensure your garage is as secure as possible. 

Top Ten Tips for Securing Your Garage

Garage doors can be a security weak point in homes, and they provide shelter for thieves once they’ve gained entry. Open garages don’t seem suspicious to passers-by, so it’s important to secure your garage door whenever possible. The following tips should help to minimise the risk of a break-in at your place.

1. Do not leave your keys or garage door remote in your vehicle, ever. Use a strong keychain to keep remotes secure.

Up to 40% of robberies occur when buildings or vehicles are left unlocked.

2. Choose a garage door opener with Tri-Tran+™128 anti-theft technology. Tri-Tran+™128 transmitters use code hopping technology to generate a new random code from trillions upon trillions of possibilities with each use.

3. Take steps to make your home unappealing to thieves: Trim hedges and bushes; add sensor lights outside of the home; clear away tools and ladders that could be used in break-ins; always lock up the house and the car. 

4. Invest in Auto-Lock technology, which more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position.

5. Invest in Dominator’s Smart Phone Kit, giving you full control of your garage door from anywhere in the world* via our easy to use app. Never again let your garage door be left open by mistake; get notifications whenever the garage door is operated; give access only to those who need it. Smart Phone technology is an optional accessory on all new Dominator garage door openers.
 *Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.

Auto-Lock drives a bolt through the door every time you use the remote; Our Smart Phone App puts garage door control in the palm of your hand.

6. Secure the door from your garage into your home with deadbolts.

7. Install CCTV cameras outside of your home and inside the garage so you can see what is happening without compromising your personal safety.

8. Never leave your garage door ajar to allow airflow – it’s not worth it!

9. Frost, tint or cover the garage windows. Keep valuables out of sight.

Valero sitting strong on a property that has good visibility to deter theft.

10. Organise yearly maintenance and servicing to ensure your garage door is always working at its optimum.

Regular Servicing is Crucial

Stay on top of maintenance requirements to minimise any weaknesses that burglars may prey on. Keep an eye out for corrosion on the moving parts of your garage door. Check the frame, locks and hinges for damage, and call a professional to service your garage door annually. Regular servicing is important to ensure your garage door functions at its optimum, and to help keep your warranty valid.

Protect Your Home & Family with High-Quality Garage Doors

Dominator Garage Doors focuses on safety and security in everything we do. Speak to our team about your options and find the highest quality garage doors on the market, to minimise the risk of theft. Call our knowledgeable and experienced team on 0800 005 686 or request a quote online today.

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