Dulux Garage Door Colours New Zealand

The garage door can occupy around 25% of a home’s frontage, so colour is an important consideration.

The options are many - your garage door can make a bold statement or it can blend synergistically with the rest of your design.

Available colours


Dominator makes it easy to match or contrast your look with Dulux Colours in a wide range of shades, standard on our doors. All Dominator pre-painted steel doors are made for New Zealand conditions using COLORSTEEL® , providing excellent colour performance and scratch resistance.

For an even larger range of colour matching options, ask for Dulux® Powder Coat, with over 100 colours to choose from!

Garage Door Powder Coat Options


Feeling inspired? Click here for more information.

Please note: Due to the many different devices and screen resolutions currently in use, some colours may not be represented with complete accuracy. Where colour selection is critical, please request a steel colour sample from your local Dominator Dealer.

Milano Colour Examples

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