Five Great Gadgets for your Garage

1. Parking Assistance
Parking assistants make parking in a garage much easier, allowing efficient use of the space in your garage without worrying about running over anything or that most annoying accident - a scratch on your car from parking in a tight spot.
A simple, cheap solution is a parking mat with rubber guides to help you into the correct spot time after time.
Laser or LED parking sensor kits are easy to install and usually don’t require an external power source.
A wall-mounted door protector could save you from constantly damaging the car door, especially if you have children in the car! Either purchase a wall guard or here's a quick garage DIY: slice a pool noodle through the middle and fasten to your garage wall, works perfectly!

Gadgets to assist parking

An insulated garage door from Dominator helps to regulate heat in the garage

2. Heating and Heat Loss Prevention
An insulated garage door can help prevent the loss of warm air from your garage, making the interior more inviting for multiple uses. Insulation also helps to prevent cold air from penetrating the garage door in the chilly months and helps to keep the heat out during summer. Check out Dominator’s Insulated series here.
Add a wall heater to the garage to take comfort a step further, allowing year-round usage to get those maintenance jobs done and to enjoy your hobbies. Be sure to make safety a priority when positioning any heat sources in the garage.
NB. Gas heaters are not recommended for indoor use.

3. Install Motion Sensor Lights
Extra home security and easier night time arrivals can be as simple as installing a few inexpensive sensor lights in and around your garage. No more fumbling for keys at night time or feeling insecure in dark spots. Light up carports, hidden pathways, the area between the garage and the house and bushy gardens to give your family security and peace of mind.
Within the garage, Dominator’s Panel-Pro and Advance garage door openers feature courtesy lights for your convenience and security.

Dominator's Smart Phone Kit is the best gadget for your garage

4. Smart Garage Door Control
These days, you’re more likely to leave your wallet at home than your phone. Now you can leave your garage door remote behind as well, because with our app you can use your smart phone to control your Dominator garage door! While you’re out you can keep up with whoever is using the garage door with notifications on all the comings and goings. 
This gadget will tell you whether the garage door is open or closed, who is operating the door and lets you operate the garage door from anywhere, provided you have cell phone coverage. The app is simple to use and free to download for multiple family members.

Racks and Hooks for Garage

5. Hooks and Racks
It’s a simple concept: keep things off the floor and your garage will be safer and have more space! All manner of handy hooks are available to keep your tools and toys out of the way. A pulley system for ladders or bikes looks like a good thing; a simple hook for kids’ bikes does the trick; hang tools on a peg board; get the kayak up and out of the way until summer!

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