Garage Doors for Retail and Commercial

A compact design and minimal operating space makes a sectional garage door perfectly suited for use in retail and commercial spaces. Being stored across the ceiling means that the height of the opening can be fully utilised. The nature of a garage door makes it suitable for wide openings and negates the need for heavy, expensive and straight out huge bi-fold or stacking doors. What’s more, the door can do double-duty providing security, protection and shade if needed.

 Our images show some examples of great uses for garage doors not in residential situations. 

1. Repurposed industrial buildings provide some classic examples - and great opportunities - to put garage doors to use. This image shows a superb, modern retail space just waiting for a tenant to take advantage of the light, air and welcoming aspect that the large roller doors provide.

2. This brick building has been converted to a commercial space occupied by various companies.

3. Front Café occupies a repurposed loading dock in a building that houses a diversity of uses; a coffee roastery, a robotics engineering studio, and a production company. The roll up door sends a message, opens to the street, and shades the sun.

4. Surprisingly, this gallery-like space is in fact a swanky apartment. You can just catch a glimpse of the pool on the left.

5. This bar demonstrates great use of a sectional door, up and out of the way in the ceiling space, making a clutter-free, light and welcoming thoroughfare to the garden bar. Bringing the outside in and the inside, out!

6. We love this multi tasking ceiling space! A false ceiling not only hides the sectional door but houses lighting, vents and smoke detectors, all while looking pretty darn good.

7. Making understated cool look understatedly cool. Albany Distilling Co., NY.

8. A plain roller door need not be ugly. This gym door has a colourful impact as well as providing signage space.

9. Café cool #1

10. Café cool #2

11. Check out this well designed, functional bach that uses industrial elements in the most chic way. A cost effective winner.


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