Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door is one of the largest moving parts in your home. It’s also vital for ensuring security against theft, fire and inclement weather, so it makes sense to stay up to date with your maintenance requirements. A badly maintained garage door is not only susceptible to failure, but it could also put your warranty at stake. 

Follow our tips to maintaining your garage door and please remember to never attempt repairs yourself.

Knowing When to Check Your Garage Door

As a general rule of thumb, you should check the state of your garage door every three to six months. By doing this, you’ll be able to notice any issues before they need repairs. Depending on the environment you live in and how often you use your garage door, a quick inspection at least each change of season is advisable.

Simply open and close the door to make sure the process is smooth. If you have an automatic garage door, switch over to manual functioning and check that the door requires the same effort to open as it does to close. 

Should you notice any problems, contact Dominator to book a visit from a technician. We recommend that in order to keep your door and opener running well, it has a professional service within the first 12 months and then once every 2 years, or earlier if required.

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

No matter what kind of garage door you have installed, wiping down the surface with a clean cloth once a month will prevent blemishes and corrosion to the paint. If you live close to the ocean, simply hose the salt spray from your garage door whenever you are watering the garden - or each time you wash your car.

The garage door components that you should check include:

  • Steel hinges – lubricate these with an all-purpose machine oil
  • Springs – wipe with an oily rag
  • Locks – use WD40 to loosen these if you find the key is struggling
  • Opener chain – lubricate this with any chain lube
  • Lifting cables – if you notice friction here, call a technician to avoid causing additional damage to these important structures
  • Screws, nuts and bolts – replace damaged fasteners and ensure all of these components are tightly in place

Cleaning Guide Tracks on Rolling Doors and Sectional Doors

If you have quality rolling doors, simply use a cloth and methylated spirits to polish the internal guide tracks. Doing this regularly will prevent future resistance from the tracks and will stop dirt from building up and causing damage. Sectional doors can be cleaned just like roller doors; however, the internal tracks don’t require polishing.

Important Safety Information

To keep yourself safe, follow this advice from our expert technicians. Do not use water to clean the machinery that automatically opens the door. Water could cause electrocution or damage that renders your warranty void. Never adjust the spring unit on your own, and keep your fingers away from the door panels and moving parts at all times.

Organise an Annual Service with Dominator Garage Doors

The garage door plays an important role your home, so it’s sensible to look after it properly. By simply arranging a service with Dominator within the first 12 months and then every two years following, you will protect the integrity of your garage door and keep your warranty intact. That’s peace of mind. Call our team on 0800 005 686 or contact us online today.

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