Secure Your Garage Doors While You're Away

The end of the work year is drawing to a close, and holiday season is almost upon us. Can we get a collective Yee Haa?

As we contemplate a summer of beaches, barbecues and holidays, someone else is preparing to spend their summer in the suburbs - burglars! Take the time to make sure your home is not vulnerable to thieves, and enjoy your summer without the worry.

When casing out potential targets, a burglar will look for the easiest access. Often the Garage - with its many re-sellable items - is just the ticket. Once a burglar gains entry into your garage, it can then be relatively easy to access the rest of your home. Follow these tips to give yourself the advantage.

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HIDE IT Keep valuables out of sight. Think like a burglar, have a look through your windows and see what might be tempting. Then move those items out of sight if possible. A cheap solution could be to use adhesive frosting on your garage windows.

SENSOR/CAMERA Sensor lights and cameras are great deterrents, install out of reach from a burglar.

NAME IT Mark your gear well and engrave it if possible. It’s hard to pawn an item with someone else’s name on it! If it does happen to be stolen, it might find its way back to you more easily if it is clearly named.

ALARM IT It’s a good idea to install a burglar alarm sensor in the garage as well as throughout the house.

NOTIFY Tell neighbours when you are away and ask them to collect mail - or have the mail held. You could even ask a neighbour to occasionally move their car to your driveway so that your house looks occupied.

ENCRYPT Dominator’s TrioCode™ 128 remotes use a 128-bit encryption which has trillions upon trillions of rolling security codes, so a new code is generated each time the door is opened, making them New Zealand’s most secure openers*. This means there is no chance of a burglar using a code grabbing device to copy your signal.

Home Security


LOCK IT Sounds like a no-brainer but a surprising number of burglaries (40%) are committed without the thief even needing to break in. Make it a house rule to always lock doors and don’t leave spare keys in an obvious place.

GET SMART With the Dominator Smart Phone Control Kit, you can now control your garage door from your smart phone while you’re at home or out and about!  Allowing you to monitor your garage door 24/7.^

THINK IT THROUGH Don’t leave tools lying around that can be used to break into your home. Fix fences and don’t leave things near the fence that can make climbing it easy.

TAKE IT Never leave keys in the car, this is a big no no! Most people have the office, home, or storage keys on their key ring. You might as well sign the house over to the burglar if you’re making this mistake.

DOMINATE Choose a Dominator Garage Door for superior security, with TrioCode™ 128 technology and heavy gauge NZ steel in a huge array of style and colour options.

*Based on the number of possible code combinations compared to other products on the market.
^Subject to cellular & WiFi connection and availability.

Garage Security

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