Energy-Efficient Temperature Control in the Garage

The garage is the largest door to your home. For that reason, it can be a huge contribution to heat loss if it’s not properly insulated. While some homes have an insulated door separating the garage from the rest of the home, a fully insulated garage can help to create a extra space that you can use all year round.

Garages Aren’t Just for Storage Anymore

Garages are used for much more than just keeping vehicles protected against the elements and storing unused household items. Oftentimes, garage space is used for fitness equipment, as a play area, a workshop or an additional entertainment space. If the garage is insulated it can help you enjoy the space for any activity, no matter what the weather might be. 

By insulating your garage, you can make it a comfortable space to use all year round. Once quality insulation is installed, heating and cooling systems in other areas of the house can have an effect in the garage as well, making it an additional functional room in your home rather than an uncomfortable space to avoid. 

Dominator's Insulated Series Garage Doors

Dominator's Insulated Series of Garage Doors - Insulation is available on some of our most popular door styles.

Noise Reduction 

Insulation can act like a sound barrier, great for keeping out outside noise^ from traffic or weather. Insulation also has a muffling effect so it can be helpful for minimising disturbance to neighbours if you use power tools or play loud music in your garage. 

^Source: Predictive figures from ‘Acoustic Logic’ tests 

Added Protection

Many of us keep valuables in our garages like bikes, TVs, fitness equipment, tools and musical instruments. Insulation helps to regulate the inside temperature and reduces humidity, preventing rust and other damage associated with temperature fluctuations. Insulation on the garage door also strengthens the garage door itself against the elements and makes it more resistant to deterioration.

Dominators Graphite Infused EPS

Enquire About Quality Garage Door Insulation

Dominator’s Insulated series of garage doors feature an advanced insulation product. What makes it different from typical insulation is the EPS is infused with graphite to absorb infrared energy and reflect heat. The high-purity graphite particles infused into the cell structure give the insulation a reflective property and a distinctive dark grey colour. The acoustic qualities of our insulated series also provide a shield against noise entering and/or exiting your garage. 

Dominator’s EPS boasts around 20 per cent better insulating performance than standard EPS.

Mulflute Backing

Efficiency is backed by good looks with the Mulflute backing that houses our precision-cut insulation. Its carbon-grey finish adds a distinguished look to the internal face of the door. Outside, Dominator’s Insulated series gives you options for every design style and budget.

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#Source: Neopor Insulation Technology

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