New Zealand Steel for Durable Garage Doors

With the harsh conditions we've experienced all over the country this summer, it's clear that only the toughest products will stand the test of time. That's why Dominator uses New Zealand Steel to fabricate our doors. It's not only super tough and scratch resistant, it also consistently achieves great colour durability results.

Choosing a superior product like Dominator gives you the confidence of longevity under extreme conditions. Laboratory tests show that New Zealand Steel, as used in the manufacture of Dominator Garage Doors, outperforms imported steel in UV fade testing.

"New Zealand made painted product consistently achieves the best colour durability results."

Extreme conditions and UV rays can damage and fade some building materials. In the example below, see for yourself the difference between Dominator's Colorsteel and an imported product.


After 2000 hours of UV testing the New Zealand product showed no evidence of degradation compared with the imported product tested under the same conditions. Photographs used with the permission of NZMRM.

Dominator offers 18 fabulous Colorsteel® colours or over 100 Powder Coated colour options* on our made-to-order garage doors. Being so spoilt for choice, it might be a tricky decision to make! One thing is for sure, once decided you'll want that colour to last. 

* Powder Coating on sectional steel doors only.

Why do more Kiwis prefer COLORSTEEL® products?

• COLORSTEEL® preprinted steel is made locally by New Zealand Steel.

• COLORSTEEL® products have been tested and proven within New Zealand’s unique environmental extremes.

• COLORSTEEL® meet stringent AS/NZS2728:2007 requirements.

• The COLORSTEEL® preprinted steel warranty has proven its worth.

• New Zealand Steel supports Kiwi industries as well as our country as a whole.

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