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Home security. For many people it’s at the top of the list of considerations for their family. With regard to the garage door, it’s not only the toughness of the steel that guards your home, it’s the quality of your garage door opener that makes a difference. Dominator Garage Door Openers work with single and double sized doors and come with the latest technological features as standard, so you know you have the best security available!

TrioCode™ Technology

Our TrioCode™ 128 technology protects you in more than one way. Firstly, this technology uses ‘code hopping’ to create trillions of rolling codes, generating a new code every time the garage door is operated. This means that your code can’t be stolen by thieves hacking into the transmission. Your can rest assured that only your transmitters will open your garage door.

Increasingly our environment is filled with wireless devices such as cordless headphones, wireless sound systems and more, many of which operate on the same frequencies as door and gate openers. Frustratingly, these devices can jam out your door or gate opener’s receiver, and the offending device may not even be in your building, it could be over 200 metres away.

Enter the second way that TrioCode™ works for you, it simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies. Therefore, even if two frequencies are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still operate your door. TrioCode™ is your insurance that your garage door will continue to operate without interference for years to come, no matter what new technology is introduced to the surrounding area.

 SmartPhone Control Kit

Have you ever left the house and then had the sinking feeling that you may have forgotten to close the garage door? Have you been stuck in traffic, expecting visitors or children home and know that they’ll be waiting outside for you? Well here is a solution to those problems and plenty more. The new Dominator SmartPhone Control Kit lets you check the status of your garage door and control it from anywhere in the world*!

Our Smart Phone Control Kit is available as an optional accessory on all new residential Dominator garage door openers. You can monitor your garage 24/7 and you’ll receive notifications when anyone uses your door. You can control the door wherever you are*. You can do all this via your smartphone, so easy!

*Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.

Dominator GDO-9 Premium Sectional Door Opener

Compatible with single and double sized Sectional, Flex-A-Door and Tilt garage doors up to 18m2 and comes with two Triocode™ 128 remote controls and a wireless wall mounted remote control.

Now our Dominator Premium Sectional Door Opener comes with a 7-year, 20,000-cycle Warranty! 

GDO-11 Tilt / Sectional

Designed for Tilt or Sectional domestic single or double garage doors up to 13.5m2. Comes with three TrioCode™ 128 remote controls and a wall clip.

Now our GDO-11 Tilt / Sectional comes with a 5-year, 10,000-cycle Warranty! 

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