Which Are New Zealand's Most Stolen Cars?

Statistics from New Zealand Police on the most stolen vehicles in the country for the six months to 30 January 2020.

A lot has changed since we last reported on New Zealand’s most stolen cars. Not only is the old thief’s favourite toppled from the top spot, the Honda Torneo doesn’t even appear on the list released by New Zealand Police. Perhaps there just aren’t many of them still on the road.

The most stolen list August 2019 - February 2020

Taking the podium at first place is one of Kiwis’ favourite utes for farm and road alike, the reliable and sturdy Toyota Hilux. Popular for parts because they go forever, a total of 156 Hiluxes were stolen across New Zealand during the period.

Toyota Hilux, #1 most stolen

The Hilux goes on and on, so parts are in demand... What would Scotty and Crumpy think? Just don't stir it...

Holden might have done away with the Commodore and buyers may not be so keen on big cars these days, but your common garden variety thief rates them second favourite to nick.

Holden Commodore #2 most stolen

Known to hold their value if you can hold onto them, the ever-popular Subaru Legacy racks up third spot. The station wagon more in demand than the sedan - 53 to 35 in the count - is a prime target for those who prefer not to pay for great road-holding.

Subaru coming in at #3 and #5

Next in line, the Ford Courier goes on and on and is not difficult to break into, so is hot on the list.

Ford Courier #5 Most Stolen

Number five goes to the Subaru Impreza - yep, the station wagon. Not surprising seeing it has been on the list for a long while.

The changes in the top five are probably due to the ages of the vehicles that get targeted. However, it’s still older vehicles that are more likely to get taken, due to lesser built-in theft deterrents.

Here’s a list of the AA’s basic security tips to help prevent theft of your vehicle:

• Always lock your car, even when parking at home
• Keep all valuables and your car keys out of sight, including away from your front and back doors
• Where possible try to park in a garage, carport or off-street
• If you have to park on the street make sure your car is under a street light or in a well-lit area
• If in a car park then use an attended, secure parking building and park close to the entrance or exit
• Install visible security such as an alarm light, immobiliser or steering lock 
• Know where your keys are at all times, and never leave them in your car, even at home. Thieves will now steal car keys to access new vehicles with sophisticated modern security systems
• Be extra vigilant over weekends and during warmer weather when there are more thefts reported

Click here for Police advice on how to protect your stuff.

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