New Zealand's Ten Most Stolen Cars 2017

The Honda Torneo has returned as New Zealand's most stolen vehicle and according to AA Insurance’s data, is firmly parked at the top of the list.

"Honda Torneos were almost twice as likely to be stolen as all other vehicles on the list, including the Mazda Demio, of which there are significantly more on the roads but are only third on our list," says Amelia Macandrew, Customer Relations Manager, AA Insurance. "It's ranked number one because the probability of it being stolen is far greater than any other car we insure. It's not because there are more of them on the road than any other car.”

 Here’s the list (Source: AA Insurance claims data 1 Jan 2016 – 31 Dec 2017:

1- Honda Torneo  2- Mazda Familia  3- Mazda Demio  4- Subaru Impreza   5- Nissan Sunny  6- Nissan Cefiro  7- Mazda Atenza  8- Subaru Forester  9- Nissan Terrano  10- Mazda Capella

As per previous years’ results, older cars are more likely to be stolen, in fact 96 per cent of theft claims for models in the Top 10 list were for cars manufactured more than 10 years ago - the average age was 16 years. This is most likely due to the more sophisticated security systems on later models, so don’t be alarmed if you own a newer model of the cars on the list. However, it’s still important to take steps to ensure your car isn’t left vulnerable. Thieves will always go for the easiest, fastest option - see the list of tips below to help you put the brakes on any security mistakes you could be making.

• Always lock your car, even when parking at home

• Keep all valuables and your car keys out of sight, including away from your front and back doors

• Where possible try to park in a garage, carport or off-street

• If you have to park on the street make sure your car is under a street light or in a well-lit area

• If in a car park then use an attended, secure parking building and park close to the entrance or exit

• Install visible security such as an alarm light, immobiliser or steering lock 

• Know where your keys are at all times, and never leave them in your car, even at home. Thieves will now steal car keys to access new vehicles with sophisticated modern security systems

• Be extra vigilant over weekends and during warmer weather when there are more thefts reported

A final message from AA Insurance’s Amelia Macandrew "It's in everyone's interests to make our cars as difficult to steal as we can – not only to avoid the stress and disruption of a theft, but also to help keep car insurance as affordable as possible." Hear, hear to that!

NB: To calculate theft incidence rates, AA Insurance measures the number of claims made for each model of car for which 20 or more claims have been made, as a percentage of the total number of policies it holds for that model. The information is based on AA Insurance’s highest theft claims incidence rates over the last two years for cars covered under comprehensive car insurance.  

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