Opening, closing and locking mechanisms for your garage door

Gone are the days of stepping from the comfort of your car to open, close and lock your garage door. Remotes and openers are now efficient, reliable and attractively priced, not to mention the ultimate convenience. From a security standpoint, an automatic garage door opener is more necessity than accessory. Let’s take a look at the options available from Dominator, to help you select the garage door opener that best suits your needs.

Dominator Select, Secure and Smart Garage Door Openers

Each Dominator motor comes complete with two Tri Tran+ remote transmitters and a wall mount remote control.

TRI-TRAN™ Protection

Tri-Tran+™ anti-theft technology involves a process of ‘code hopping’ to generate trillions of garage door rolling codes and uses a new code every time the garage door is operated. This prevents code theft for those trying to break into your garage.
Added to that, Tri-Tran+ simultaneously transmits on multiple frequencies to prevent interference from other wireless devices such as baby monitors, doorbells or Bluetooth speakers. The Tri-Tran+ transmitter will still operate your door even if two frequencies are jammed.

Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS)

This is an Auto Reverse Function for the protection of family, pets and property. If the garage door comes into contact with an obstruction on its downward journey it stops and reverses back up, or if it comes into contact with an obstruction on its upward journey it automatically stops.

Smartphone Control

Smartphone Control Kit allows you to operate and check the status of your garage door from anywhere in the world*. You can monitor your garage 24/7 and receive notifications whenever it gets used through Dominator’s specially designed smartphone app.
*Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.
Please note: New Zealand law states that Safety Beams are compulsory when paired with Smartphone-controlled openers.


Auto-Lock™ is smart but simple keyless technology that allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it. The lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position (based on a garage door operated with an automatic opener).
The Auto-Lock will slide a bolt into the guide track automatically when the garage door is closed with your remote, needing no additional action from you to operate.
Auto-Lock™ is available as an optional extra with Dominator door and motor combos.

If you'd like to find out more about our garage door motors from a trained technician, read more here or contact your local dealer today.

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