Pandemic garage transformations

No matter where you live, there has been a very clear trend lately, that of spending a lot more time at home! All the forced hibernation has given folks plenty of time to consider their home environment and make changes for the better. Families running low on space choose to develop what they've got rather than move - and what they often have available is a garage. In this blog, we’re looking at garage transformations that came about during lockdown, with some people realising dreams and others creating a neighbourhood hub. We hope you enjoy it!


Tom West's disused garage is now his personal art gallery. Photos: Olivia Alonso Gough for WSJ

Tom West spent his free time painting in his basement for two decades before the pandemic came along. Finally, he had time to paint AND turn his garage into a dream art studio. Tom added windows and a cathedral ceiling to welcome natural light and make way for his large-scale oil paintings.


No money gets exchanged at Joycee’s, instead, visitors are encouraged to bring a beverage to share. Photos: Alex Gagne for WSJ

As with a lot of American homes, Rich Joyce’s off-street parking area has ample room for the cars and Rich never parked in his garage. Wanting a quiet space to hang out with friends during covid, Rich decided to put a TV in there. Before long he’d added a bar and games, eventually turning his disused garage into a pub, affectionately named “Joycee’s Bar & Grill”. Needless to say, it’s a winner with his mates and being able to open the garage door is a bonus, allowing fresh airflow and an eye on the street.


Dennis Klaeser and his bike lounge. Photos: Evan Jenkins for WSJ

Ever heard of a ‘bike lounge’? Avid cyclist Dennis Klaesar transformed his garage into one. He hangs his bikes on the wall and hangs out with friends after riding. The garage door was replaced with French-style doors that swing out for easy access, brick veneer was added to the walls and ceiling beams from an old barn completed the transformation. The bike lounge now has a gas fireplace for warmth and what was the second garage on the property is not even recognisable as such. Dennis and his wife made great use of the lounge during covid, they could turn on the fire and open the doors to host friends, enjoying the openness of an outdoor space with some protection from the weather.


Photos: One Zero Digital Media

Another US couple transformed their garage into part gym, part classroom.


Above, left: This London home-for-sale is a converted garage. Photo: Savills Real Estate. Popular conversions for attached garages at the moment are home offices and playrooms, while entertainment rooms and home bars have been emerging from the bones of detached garages.

Near London's trendy Victoria Park, a converted garage went on the market as a home for sale, with an asking price of £429, 950. With tiny homes becoming increasingly popular, it’s totally plausible that a garage could convert into a house. 

Transforming your own garage into a more useful space could mean creating a whole new room or might be simply having a clear-out so that the space functions better. We hope you've enjoyed seeing how others around the globe have made use of their previously unloved garages.

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