Accessories and Extras for Garage Doors

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Dominator Garage Doors boast great features as standard, such as quality fittings for smooth, quiet, easy operation and steel thickness that blows some other brands out of the water. Our openers all come with soft start-stop function, TrioCode™ technology, safety reversing systems, courtesy light and more.

Additionally, you can customise your new garage door and opener with extra features to make your life easier, your house more attractive and your family safer. Whatever you choose to add or omit, with every Dominator Garage Door you’ll get lasting strength and protection for your home and family.


Optional Choices for your Garage Door

  • Insulation: Our Insulated Series garage doors help to regulate the temperature and noise in your garage.
  • Dulux Powder Coated Colours for an extra 100-odd colour options.
  • Mohair option to reduce gaps between the door and the door jamb, keeping the weather out.
  • Rear torsion and Intermediate Low Headroom systems available.
  • Window options on suitable doors, in toughened glass or acrylic.

Features that come as Standard

  • Smooth, quiet, easy operation.
  • Pre-painted steel to stand up the harsh NZ climate, in your choice of COLORSTEEL® colours.
  • Bottom weather seal.
  • Springs exceed NZ/Aus standard, at 20,000 cycles.
  • Ball bearing wheels and full-sized hinges.

For more details on the standard and optional features available, please see each product description.


Optional Choices for your Garage Door Opener

  • Smart Phone Control Kit. This is an App that allows you to operate and monitor your garage door from anywhere that has WiFi and cell phone connectivity. When we say anywhere, we mean anywhere in the world! You receive notifications every time your door is used and can allow one time access to friends and family. Find out what else our Smart Phone Control Kit can do for you.
  • Battery Backup and SmartSolar™ solar charging options for operation when or where mains power is unavailable. This is great for those in rural areas where power outages can be common.
  • Entry Keypad allows entry to the garage without a remote control transmitter. This is ideal for kids as they can enter the house with their pin number, there's no need for them to carry keys. Useful in so many other situations as well!
  • Safety infra-red beam. The infra-red beam alerts the garage door to automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken whilst the door is closing. This means if a child, pet or vehicle, goes under the door while it is closing, the door will stop and reverse, without making contact. Dominator recommends the use of safety infrared beams on all our garage doors.

Features that come as Standard

  • Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property.
  • Soft Start / Soft Stop operation reduces noise and stress on the door by adjusting the speed at the start and end of each cycle.
  • TrioCode™ provides enhanced reliability and security by using three frequencies to overcome interference issues. TrioCode™ also uses code-hopping technology to generate a random code with each use.
  • GDO-9 can be chain or belt driven.
  • Steel C-Rail for a cleaner and safer operation.
  • Courtesy Light that illuminates with each cycle, and can operate independently of the door.
  • Comprehensive warranties.
  • Customisable operating modes.

For more information on the standard and optional features of our openers, please see each product description.


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