Pre-painted vs Powdercoated garage doors, how are they different?

Considering that a garage door generally takes up 30% or more of a home's facade, the colour you choose for your garage door is worth taking time over. The standard colours Dominator offers for our residential range of sectional garage doors will more than cover the bases for most homes and being made to order from New Zealand Colorsteel®, you know you'll get a finish that lasts. Stepping out of the norm into the realm of powder coating does cost a little extra, but the colour range available is considerably wider, with more than five times more colour options to choose from.
What is the difference between prepainted Colorsteel® and Dulux Powdercoating though? Read on for a brief explanation of the methods involved.

Above, left: Valero in Mist Green by Dominator South & East; Right: Valero in Dulux Tomato by Dominator Access Systems.

Pre-painted Colorsteel®

The Colorsteel® used to manufacture Dominator's garage doors has a ZINCALUME® steel base with a multi-coat paint system applied. Designed for both moderate inland conditions and severe coastal environments, COLORSTEEL Endura® has been created alongside global leaders in paint technology and pre-painted steel product manufacturing. The base metal varies in thickness from 0.55 mm to 0.75 mm and the coating has been manufactured in accordance to AS1397:2011


Versatile and durable, ZINCALUME® is often used for roofing, cladding, gutters, downpipes and fences. It's a 45% zinc and 55% aluminium alloy-coated steel with powerful corrosion resistance at the surface or to any bare steel exposed at cut edges and by deep scratches.

The colours you see on screen are as close as possible to actual product colours. However, all screens will show colour slightly differently. We recommend asking your dealer for a colour swatch before purchasing.

Above: Some of the Colorsteel® range available and results of fade testing on New Zealand vs imported steel.

Above, clockwise from top left: Sierra in FlaxPod® Matte; Georgian in Dulux® Powdercoat; inspiration in red; Nevada in Sandstone Grey; inspiration in orange.

Powder Coating

Unlike conventional liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent, powder coating is typically applied as a free-flowing, dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat or ultraviolet light. Powder coating provides a durable finish that can sometimes be tougher than liquid paints can offer.
More than 100 colours are available through Dulux powder coating which really opens up the palette for you to be creative or to match with existing or unusual paint colours. For the best synergy, it's recommended that the powder coating colour be chosen first, as almost every powder coat finish can then be matched back to a Dulux paint system.
Powder coatings provide very good resistance to knocks and abrasions, chemicals and the effects of the sun. However, if not cared for, the coating can show up scratches and film integrity loss. Sticking with Dominator's philosophy of supporting local, Dulux® Powdercoatings are manufactured in Auckland.
Please note that all Dulux® powder products are NOT suitable in strongly acidic or caustic environments. The pH must be between 5 and 9.

Rounding up, both pre-painted and powder-coated steel provides a protective coating that will last for many years. Our Colorsteel® range is a great match for most roof colours and gives opportunities to blend or contrast with popular paint colours. The Dulux® Powder Coated range costs a little more but offers fantastic scope for creativity, originality and enduring good looks.
They each hold up to most environments, but if your garage door will exist in a geothermal area, close to the ocean or other unusual environment, it's best to consult with your local dealer for advice.

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