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The garage door is a major access point to our homes and inside the garage, we tend to store expensive items that are easily transportable. This makes your garage an enticing target for thieves, even when there’s no car at home. Stored alongside the lawnmower, sports equipment and pricey tools are often fuel and solvent containers, paint cans and timber that poses a fire risk. If you work in the garage, you could be creating hazards that build in intensity each time you start the saw up. In this article, we suggest ways to reduce the risk of theft and fires in your garage.

How to Prevent a Fire in Your Garage

While you’re working in your garage, it’s crucial to establish safe habits that will minimise the risk of fire. Some safety tips include:

  • Sweep away sawdust and woodchips after working with wood
  • Carefully seal all containers of paint, stains, finishing oils and solvents after use and store them upright, away from any machinery
  • Properly dispose of oily rags – you can store these in a steel bucket with an airtight lid if you plan on reusing them

Keep in mind the three components that fires need to spread: a fuel source, oxygen and heat. Appropriate storage routines will help to keep these things separate and reduce your chances of fire. DON’T stack firewood or building materials near heaters, furnaces or boilers, and DO store flammable products in dedicated storage containers with closed lids.

Equip your garage with a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm or heat detector (smoke alarms can be set off by car exhaust, or be compromised due to exposure to exhaust) and a sprinkler system to minimise the chances of fire spreading beyond the garage. Check that your home is fire-wise here.

In the case of fire, always dial emergency services on 111.

Fire extinguisher, sprinklers and smoke alarms are helpful to prevent spread of fire

Preventing Theft with High-Quality Garage Doors

Protecting your home from burglary is as important as ever, and your garage door is the largest access point of your home - once open, the garage could be the easiest place for burglars to remove a large number of items quickly. In response to a growing demand for security and convenience, Dominator has invested in the latest technology to minimise your risk of theft, while allowing comprehensive garage door control.

Dominator's Auto Lock provides enhanced home security

The Dominator Auto-Lock

Our smart, keyless technology allows you to lock your garage door every time you use your remote control. The Auto-Lock works by automatically sliding a bolt into the guide track when the door is locked, making it virtually impossible for burglars to open without the remote. Our innovative lock doubles the force required to lift the door from a closed position, providing enhanced protection for your home and family.

Dominator's Smart Phone Kit is simple to use

Smartphone Kits for Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever forgotten to close your garage door, you’ll remember the panic that comes when you realise! We’ve solved this problem with the Dominator Smartphone Control Kit that checks your door status from anywhere in the world*. Monitor your garage door at all times and receive notifications when someone uses it via an easy-to-use app on your phone. The Smart Phone Control Kit is available as an optional accessory on all new residential Dominator garage door openers.

* Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.

Discuss Your Options with Dominator

To improve security in your home with a smart garage door and opener, speak to the team at Dominator.  We have options to suit all budgets. Call our team on 0800 005 686 or request a quote online today.

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