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Your driveway is an extension of your home and how it looks from the street can communicate a lot about your home in general. A driveway that isn’t well maintained or well-designed can create an instant bad impression. Whether you’re looking to maximise the resale value of your home, impress your guests or just tidy up after winter, here are some ways to make your driveway look great.

Maintaining Paved Driveways

Paved driveways look fabulous but only when they are well cared for.

Repairing Any Broken Pavers, Bricks or Cracks

Your driveway works hard, dealing with the weight of vehicles as well as sustained wear and tear from the weather and weeds struggling to grow through the cracks. Repairing or replacing broken pavers and bricks on your driveway can make it look like new again. If you have a concrete driveway with cracks, those can be filled and the concrete resealed for an invigorated appearance.

Clean a Concrete driveway

Large areas of concrete require careful maintenance to look their best.

Scrub it down

Sometimes all your driveway needs is a good clean to come to life. Pressure washing can do wonders to a dirty driveway and the process is fast. If you don't have your own equipment you can hire professionals to do it for you or hire a machine and DIY, removing everything from built in dirt to bits of gum.
When water is in short supply, consider using a product that does the work for you. There are plenty on the market that can be applied with a low pressure backpack style sprayer, using much less water and taking effect over a matter of weeks.

Some Stains are Good!

Tired of your plain old grey concrete driveway? Staining lets you add a fresh pop of colour to the driveway, with options ranging from earth-toned acid stains to bright coloured water-based stains. You can even create special effects to replicate the appearance of natural stone. Stain soaks into the concrete and dyes it, leaving a look that resembles natural stone. Staining is only suitable for driveways free of cracks, oil stains or previous coatings.


One of the fastest ways to make your driveway look good is to clear the edges. Get out the whipper snipper to lop off the bulk of it and for right up close to the concrete, an inexpensive edging tool will create a super neat edge in a short time.
Keeping the lawn maintained will help with an overall today effect and adding planting can help to keep those edges looking good. If you dig in a garden along the driveway, make sure that weeds are kept at bay with a weed mat and use an edging material to prevent bark or soil from spilling onto the driveway. Choose perennial plants for lower maintenance.

A New Garage Door

The crowning glory to that lovely driveway has to be the garage door. Often the garage door takes up 30% of a property's street frontage, meaning it has a big part to play in the overall impression of the home. Choose a garage door that complements the look of your property, and you'll feel great every time you drive up that well-maintained driveway!

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