Roundup of Summer Projects

Long, warm days and easy barbecued dinners mean more time to spend doing these things you wish you had time for in winter! Spending time outdoors is not only good for the soul, the satisfaction of a job well done is hard to beat. We've rounded up some of our favourite projects, along with a couple of simple, creative ways to keep the kids busy.

Easy and fun at-home projects the kids can help with

How to propagate from cuttings

Strike Cuttings

Many plants, including geranium, rosemary, mint, and philodendron, will quickly develop roots in water. For the best results, cut off a 5- to 10-cm stem tip and remove all but the top two leaves. Put the cut end in water, and watch the cuttings develop roots. In a few short weeks, you can transplant the new plants into pots. This method can often work well with pieces that get accidentally broken off your favourite house plants.

Re-grow vegetables

You already know fresh veggies are good for you, but you might not know you can easily grow many of them from scraps. Put the leftover root bases of fancy lettuce, celery, spring onions, or chives in an upcycled glass container with just enough water to cover the roots and set it on a sunny windowsill. You’ll see burgeoning new growth within a day or two!

Garage and Outdoor Projects Worth the Effort

Budget-friendly One Day Landscaping

Got a spare day? Make it count with these easy projects: erect a trellis; build a garden path; create a water feature; upcycled garden edging and more!

Easy Landscaping projects and how to compost

Start a Compost

The benefits of composting are many and varied; not least of all, you'll reduce your rubbish volume and your carbon footprint.

Build Your Own Pizza Oven

The commitment level is pretty high on this project but the resulting Pizza Oven in your backyard will give satisfaction for years. Use your homegrown produce for toppings!

How to build your own pizza oven

Upcycle your Junk

Another great way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill is to turn your junk into something useful. Take a new look at the items you no longer use and let your creativity flow with repurposing.

Clean out the Garage…

Methodical steps make light work of this job.
… then get it organised

clean your garage to make room for a gardening hub

Make a Gardening Hub in the Garage

If the tools and equipment are all together in one designated spot, you might be more inclined to get out into the garden more frequently. We recommend creating a gardening hub in your garage.

Create a Container Garden

You may not have space for a proper garden but you can still benefit from the joy of gardening by planting in containers. Hello, homegrown produce!

create a container garden or spruce up your driveway

Spruce up your Driveway

Let your place become the benchmark for the neighbourhood when you attack oil stains on the driveway, repair cracked driveway concrete or deep clean your driveway - you’ll increase its longevity too!

We hope these ideas have inspired you to get out there and make the most of summer at home! If a new garage door is on your to-do list, speak to the experts at Dominator. With more than 30 dealer locations nationwide, there's a team near you who can advise, install and service your premium garage door and opener. For inspiration, check out our residential range here.


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