Say Hello to a New Flex-A-Door Garage Door

“Watch your chin!” you yell as the garage door flicks up and nearly takes a head off. Is it time to get rid of that rickety old tilt door and replace it with something smooth and efficient?

Let us introduce the Dominator Flex-A-Door®, the perfect alternative when you are looking to replace your existing tilt door, or in situations where you have restricted headroom in your garage or carport.

Dominator has developed this roller-sectional hybrid door with innovative design features that supersede the side springs and outward-opening tilt doors of yesteryear.

The Flex A-Door® features the famous Dominator Roll-A-Door® curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling – providing a clean, neat appearance on both the outside and inside. Not only that, the steel curtain is rigid and has superior strength to the older tilt doors.

The horizontal lines of the ribbed door curtain match our existing roller door and will compliment most home styles.

We recommend an automatic garage door opener, such as our GDO-11 Opener for trouble free access to your garage and home. Flex-A-Door® can also be manually operated.

Say goodby to your old tilt door

  • Flex-A-Door® lifts vertically, so you can park directly in front of your garage - unlike tilt doors which swing outwards first.
  • Springs are enclosed within the horizontal tracks, above head height and well away from little fingers. No more dangerous springs at the side!
  • Purpose designed Retractable head infill panel moves with the door and removes any large gap at the top when the door is closed. This reduces drafts and stops rain from entering your garage, looks pretty stylish to boot.
  • Available in 18 fabulous Colorsteel Colours
  • Flex-A-Door® fits behind the opening and does not protrude forward, like jamb or canopy type tilting doors – this means the door can be fitted to openings with unusual shapes, such as arches, etc
  • In situations where a Flex-A-Door® and a Roll-A-Door® may be installed next to each other, or in close proximity, the two doors match.
  • Door can be left open at any height, giving the added convenience of allowing the door to be partially opened for ventilation, while providing privacy when working in the garage.
  • Sealed on top and sides for tight weather protection and can be left partially open - won’t slam shut in the wind like a tilt door.
  • Pick-resistant and tamper proof locking system.


If you are ready to experience the joy of a Dominator Flex-A-Door®, learn more here:

How a Flex-A-Door works

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