Sliding and Swing Gate Openers for Security

Please shut the gate… with Dominator’s Residential Sliding and Swing Gate Openers, it’s simple. Open or close your gate with the touch of a button, a few digits into a keypad or from your mobile phone! Want to protect your property with powerful, reliable, durable gate openers backed up by great service and warranties? Well, you’re in the right place. Read on...

Residential Sliding Gate Openers

Dominator offers two levels of gate opening power. The NeoSliderTM 500 for gates up to 500kg and 6m width and the NeoSliderTM 800, for gates up to 800kg and 8m width. Equipped with a powerful drive unit, the NeosliderTM range will operate the majority of residential sliding gates in New Zealand.

Both openers operate on a 24DC Permanent Magnet motor for optimum efficiency. The two openers are virtually identical, each Smart Phone Control enabled and having a 2 year, 5,000 cycle warranty.

Integrated Logic Technology and an LCD screen allow a variety of customs settings to suit each site. Clever features are built-in, such as soft start and soft stop and obstruction detection for safety and product longevity.

Security is a major factor and with this in mind, Dominator Gate Openers use the latest TriTranTM 128 Encryption Technology to protect your property. TriTranTM is a coding system that uses three frequencies to overcome interference issues in and around your property. Tri-Tran™128 transmitters also use code hopping technology to generate a new random code from trillions upon trillions of possibilities with each use. Rest assured, only your transmitters will open your gate.

Residential Swing Gate Openers

Tough, robust and weather-resistant, Dominator’s Elite® SGO-1 is the answer to your swing gate needs. A swing gate motor has a heavy load to bear. The Elite® SGO-1 utilises a powerful DC motor at its heart, linked to a tough, low maintenance gear box. The articulated drive arms work just like your arm would, pulling the gate open or closed with consistent action and reducing stress on the installation. The result is smooth operation year upon year. Highly effective micro-switch limits reduce complexity and enhance longevity.

Pair with our DCB-05TM gate Control System, for smart features, a host of operating modes and security to your gate system.

The Elite® SGO-1 is great for tight spots when there is little space between your open gates and any adjacent structures.

Power, ease and longevity, backed up with a 2 year, 5,000 cycle warranty!

Optional Accessories include:

Safety Beams

An infra-red beam that detects anything moving in the path of the gate (think children, pets) and stops the motion immediately.

Alternative Power Solutions

Battery Backup and Smart SolarTM, so you will never be locked out or in - especially useful in rural areas where power outages are common.

Access Control Options

The Smart Phone Kit is a breakthrough in automated opening systems. Access your gate - and your property - wherever you happen to be*, all via your smart phone. You’ll also be able to check the status of the gate and you’ll receive notifications whenever the gate is used. So you’ll know when the family has arrived home or you can let visitors in while you sit on the couch. Or you can check when the cat sitter arrived from poolside in Fiji! Control more than one location and set varied opening modes all via the handy App.
*Subject to WiFi coverage and accessibility


Wireless Digital Keypad access makes life just that bit easier and safer. No more keys to remember - or forget! All you need is your Pin number. You can leave the property empty handed while you go jogging, walk the dog or whip up to the dairy. It’s a great idea for families with kids who need to come and go without the inconvenience of lost keys or bags left behind.

Emergency Release

A keyed emergency release mechanism makes it possible to open and close the gate in the event of power failure.

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