7 Reasons to Choose Insulated Garage Doors

• The rest of the house is insulated, it makes sense that a large area like the garage door should be insulated as well.

• Garages are often used for more than housing cars - insulation can extend your options for usage by making it more comfortable inside.

• Insulation can act as a noise barrier^, to help prevent noise from traveling out from inside - late night woodworking need not irritate the neighbours!

• The noise barrier is two-way^, so insulation may provide relief from traffic noise or whatever else is going on in the neighbourhood.

• Efficiency - Dominator’s graphite infused EPS insulation panels absorb infrared energy and reflect heat providing up to 20% better insulation performance than traditional EPS.#

• Dominator’s Insulated Series of garage doors contain no harmful CFCs or HCFCs.#

• Dominator Garage Doors are built tough, with smart technology to protect your family and your possessions. Our insulated doors give you the options to match your design style and your budget.


Insulation comes as standard on Dominator Nevada and is available as an option on all new garage doors from our insulated series. Check out more great reasons to choose Dominator’s Insulated Series.

#Source: Neopor Insulation Technology.
^Source: Predictive figures from ‘Acoustic Logic’ tests.

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