Industrial Garage Door, Quiet and Heavy-Duty

Featuring the strength of a continuous brake pressed steel curtain with deep, rigid channel grooves, Dominator’s Industrial Roller Doors provide the stylish solution to an industrial setting. Following are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose Dominator Industrial Garage Doors.

Weather Resistance
Our weather strip along the base of each door, features a multi-fin design and deep cushioning. This creates an effective seal against wind, leaves and rainwater. If the floor is slightly uneven, the weather strip also reduces the gap for a better fit.

True Alignment
Increased vertical rigidity is provided by a galvanised steel tension strip. This extra rigidity ensures true alignment, integral to preventing any stretching of the door. 

Precise Movement
The side edge strip with its Teflon-coated surface ensures that the roller door opens quietly and evenly with reduced friction for smooth movement through the guides.

Gearing for fast & Easy Operation
The factory aligned reduction gearing system ensures fast and easy operation with minimum effort when opening or closing doors over 3.3m high. This system is available as an optional extra on other door heights.

Perfect Balance
Perfect balance is achieved via a galvanised steel hub with a nylon bearing, ensuring long life for doors with high repetition use. The computerised spring selection provides consistent balance and reliable ease of operation.

Smooth, Quiet Operation
Nylofelt running strips eliminate metal-to-metal contact providing smooth, quiet, friction-free operation.

Dominator’s Industrial Roller Doors are housed in three categories, making it easier to determine the door best suited to your needs.

Series A Mini-Warehouse Roller Garage Door

Offers the durability and security required by storage complex owners, with the ease of operation and quality finish of Dominator’s residential garage doors. With Dominator’s advanced manufacturing capacity, mini warehouse orders can be responded to quickly, minimising lead times.

• Steel Gauge: 0.4 BMT
• Specifically-designed locking system featuring two padlocks, one for the renting customer and one for the proprietor.
• Smooth, quiet and durable.
• Minimal Clearance required.
• Available in 18 colours plus Zincalume®, with optional colours available for larger facilities (additional cost may apply).

Series C Industrial

The big guys. Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 24000mm to 5000mm in height and 2400mm to 4900mm door widths.

• Steel Gauge: 0.55 BMT
• Thick gauge steel to protect your assets and keep out intruders.
• Weather resistant, low maintenance.
• Factory aligned reduction gearing system for fast operation with minimal effort on large doors.
• Windlocking via a heavy-duty guide and clip design, ensuring the door is held within the track when exposed to high wind or forced entry situations.
• Available in 20 colours plus Zincalume®.
• Push button operation with our Heavy Duty GDO-10 Opener (optional).
• Tapered curtains to suit floors with a slope across the opening (optional upgrade).

Series B Semi-Industrial

An economical choice for situations where headroom and opening space is an issue. Great for counters and kiosks, emergency services and domestic use. Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 2100mm to 3300mm in height and door 2400mm to 4800mm widths.

• Steel Gauge: 0.4 BMT
• Suits a wide variety of situations from domestic to commercial.
• Available in 17 colours plus Zincalume®.
• Safely concealed springs.
• Manual or remote control operation available.

Above, Left: Series C Windlocking clip design; Middle: GDO-10 rolling door opener; Right: Big, Strong, yet super Quiet.

GDO-10 Opener

Dominator’s GDO-10 rolling door opener with 1000N DC motor for superior pulling power, comes standard with built-in Battery Backup and a wall-mounted LCD control panel. You can programme a variety of operating modes via the LCD screen, including date/time specific auto-close, safety mode and more. The GDO-10 manages multiple TrioCodeTM 128 transmitters for busy day to day business operations. Soft start/soft stop operation reduces stress on the door, for added longevity. What’s more, it’s super quiet.

Find out more about the Dominator GDO-10 Roller Door Opener here.

To find out more about Dominator's Industrial Series of Rolling Doors, including the slew of optional extras and upgrades, click here, or check out the brochure here.

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