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When it comes to keeping your home secure, the old adage definitely comes into play “you can never be too careful”. Garage doors can vary significantly in the type of safety and security features they offer. For Dominator, protection has always been at the forefront of our product development.
It seems obvious but sometimes it’s easy to forget that your garage door security is just as essential as keeping your front door secure. In fact, it could be more important because the garage offers thieves a less conspicuous way out - with a bunch of your property.

We suggest taking advantage of these options to ensure your garage door is secure.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

An automatic garage door opener is a highly effective way of ensuring your family, home and possessions are kept safe when you’re home as well as when you’re away. The automatic opener is geared so that the door cannot be pushed or pulled open from the outside. Your garage can only be accessed from the outside with a designated code, smartphone or garage door remote (see below for details).
Dominator's range of automatic garage door openers covers all the options for pulling power, economy and of course, security. From residential sectional or rolling openers to heavy-duty industrial and even gate openers, there's a Dominator product for your door.

Smartphone Notification from anywhere

Access your garage door and receive notifications when anyone else uses it, from anywhere in the world*

Smartphone Control

Today, we can use our smartphones for everything from changing settings on our airconditioning to brewing coffee from your bed or locking your front gate from the other side of the world. It’s part of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) where everything increasingly has an on/off switch connected to the internet. This technology is also incorporated in modern garage doors.
SmartPhone Control Kit allows you to operate and check the status of your garage door from anywhere in the world*. You can monitor your garage 24/7 and receive notifications whenever it gets used through a specially designed smartphone app. You’ll never have to worry about whether the garage door was accidentally left open and you will be notified each time the garage door is opened or closed no matter where you are*.
*Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.

With AutoLock a bolt slides through the door for added security

Auto-Lock slides a bolt through the garage door to increase home protection.


Dominator’s Auto-LockTM allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it using nothing but your regular remote control. This device will slide a bolt into the guide track automatically when the door is closed without requiring any additional action from you to operate. The lock more than doubles the force required to lift the door from a closed position, helping to prevent break-ins and protect your home and loved ones*.
Auto-LockTM is available as an optional extra on all Dominator sectional garage door and opener packages.
*Based on a door using an engaged automatic opener

Tricode technology prevents code grabbing

Foil would-be code thieves with technology from Dominator

Tricode Technology

Crooks have been known to access garage doors by sending out varying frequencies until the right one is found to open them. Quality, modern openers use tricode technology to improve security and prevent code stealing. This is done through a process of ‘code hopping’, which generates trillions of garage door rolling codes and uses a new code every time the garage door is operated.

With Dominator's Tri-Tran+™, only your transmitters can open your door and it can’t be hacked by anyone else trying to gain access.
To prevent jams from other frequencies transmitted by devices such as wireless headphones or sound systems, Tri-Tran+™ simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies. Even if two frequencies are jammed, the Tri-Tran+™ transmitter will be able to operate your door.

Innovative and Highly Secure Garage Doors

At Dominator, all our garage doors and openers are compatible with the latest features including Tri-Tran+™ technology, Autolock and Smartphone Control. Explore the range of garage doors available from our expert team. If you have any questions, get in touch today by calling 0800 005 686 or contact us online.

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