10 Reasons to Buy Dominator Garage Doors

How did Dominator get to be New Zealand’s most recognised garage door brand? Well, we could say it’s because they are the best, yet although it's true, that doesn’t quite cut it. Here are ten of the top reasons why you are better off buying Dominator.

Dominator Garage Doors are tough. Built to last and made to measure, our doors have features to protect your possessions and to help keep your family safe. Each door is constructed with quality New Zealand steel for strength and durability at its core, then it is roll formed or folded into various profiles that provide rigidity over large surface areas while enhancing the aesthetic of your building. Optional features put the power in your hands, wherever and whenever you need it.

Buying a new garage door can be tricky, especially once you see just how wide-ranging the options are. Dominator wants you to feel secure with your choices, so one of our technicians will walk you through the process, from selecting the right garage door, through to installation and after-sales care. Find your local dealer.

Speaking of our technicians, we have a network of 30 Dominator distributors throughout New Zealand, ensuring that there is someone qualified to help in an area near you. Every Dominator technician goes through extensive training, in all aspects of our products and including installation and maintenance, giving you peace of mind and the benefit of knowledge.

Every Dominator Garage Door is NZ made to order and delivered to your site for installation by one of our nationwide dealers. Garage doors are custom built to the exacting measurements taken on our Free Measure and Quote service. Tricky sites, sloping floors and industrial requirements are all in a day’s work when you order a made to measure garage door from Dominator.

With Dominator’s huge range and customisable options, the possibilities are practically endless! Our residential series consists of eight types of sectional steel doors alone, with new styles coming all the time. Insulated garage doors, rolling doors, Industrial roller doorsFlex-A-Door (our roller/tilt hybrid) and now the stylish new Designer Garage Doors offer options that your dreams are made of! 

All Dominator Garage Doors and Dominator Openers come with great warranties that prove just how reliably robust they are. Sectional Garage Doors come with a two year or a five-year warranty. The Dominator PanelPro Opener comes with a five year, 10,000 cycle warranty and the Dominator Advance Premium Opener has a whopping, seven-year, 20,000 cycle warranty. Or, buy a Garage Door and Opener Combo and get a 10 Year, Total Confidence Warranty, giving you peace of mind for the next decade! 

The Colorsteel® used to build Dominator’s Sectional Steel Doors ranges from 0.55BMT to 0.9 BMT (base metal thickness). Incidentally, 0.4 BMT is the thickest steel some other brands use to build their garage doors. As far as colourfastness under our harsh conditions goes, New Zealand Steel has come out beating inferior imported product in Laboratory testing. After 2,000 hours of UV testing, the New Zealand product (as used in the manufacture of Dominator Doors) showed no evidence of degradation compared with imported product tested under the same conditions, which showed obvious fading. Read more in our article here. 

With features like Tri-Tran 128 technology that prevents burglars from stealing your Opener code, Auto Reverse function that stops and reverses the door if anything comes into contact while it is in motion, Steel C-Rail for a cleaner and safer operation, enduring DC motor with soft start/soft stop operation, courtesy light and five and seven year warranties, you’re protected from all angles. For more detail on these features that all come standard with Dominator Garage Door Openers, click here. 

Above: Dominator recommends the use of Infra Red Safety Beams on all automatic garage doors; Backlit Entry Keypads are a good solution for busy families - no keys to remember!

Simple and cost-effective add on features for enhanced safety and security include: Infra Red Safety Beams that detect movement under a garage door and stop its motion, Auto Lock that puts a bolt through the door to physically prevent it being forced open and our Smart Phone Kit, an App enabling you to operate and monitor your garage door via your Smart Phone from anywhere in the world*. While for further security and the ultimate in convenience, Entry Keypads that omit the need for a key or remote transmitter to open your door, Battery Backup for times when electricity fails and SmartSolar charging really have your back. 

*Subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability. 

Last but not least, the garage door often occupies one third of the street frontage of your home, so looks really do matter. Dominator has the range to match your architecture and your style, to ensure that the overall look of your home is cohesive. Choose a colour from the excellent Colorsteel® range (18 colour options) or go powdercoated, with over 100 Dulux® Powder Coat colours to really make a statement or match more nuanced shades. Dominator’s Door profiles go from strikingly flat and minimalist, through deeply ribbed, to pressed steel panels that form a distinct feature. Smooth or textured finish can match your cladding to perfection while windows provide light, distinction and design detail. Just released, Dominator’s Designer Doors built from glass or acrylic in variations galore are the latest way to take a Garage up a serious design notch! 

Ready to choose the best door for your garage? Check out our range of Steel Sectional Garage Doors here.

If you'd like to go into deeper detail, make contact here and one of our team will get in touch.

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