Traditional or Modern Garage Door Styles?

New Zealand has some beautiful old homes. Many country homesteads built by our 19th-century settlers have remained to benefit from classic restorations. Traditional Villas in centres such as Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland have become coveted real estate. We love to nurture them back to health and work on careful modernisation that allows the character to remain at the front, while the liveability is enhanced by ‘opening up the living spaces’ out back. 20th-century Bungalows have a similar appeal, backed by architecture that showcases the stunning native timbers they were built from.

Fast forward a few decades and we see smaller homes, but still those same beautiful timber floors and ‘good bones’ that can be worked on to suit today’s housing needs. Later on, modern homes boasted interesting roof lines that in some case were beautiful and in others were more about cheap thrills than the practicality of family living or longevity.

Let’s skip the leaky builds of the late 20th century and look at the modern homes of today vs traditional homes and how to choose a garage door that either enhances or blends the look to suit your own personal style.


Below left, attain this look with unassuming Futura as seen right, at home both in traditional and modern settings.

Dominator Somerset, above left, brings a traditional look in classic white - windows available also; above right, it's typically difficult to find garaging space for Auckland villas. Get a similar look (without the weathering) with Dominator's Naturesteel.


Above, top left, bottom left: get a similar look with Dominator's Sierra or Nevada; top right, achieve this striking look with Naturesteel's lasting beauty; bottom right, get the look of flat panels with window options from Valero.

Below, Valero working beautifully in a modern setting.

Blended Styles

Below left, mid-century architecture or modern lines? Below right, match vintage brick with lasting Naturesteel to achieve this superb monochromatic colour scheme.

Above left, Futura brings together the earthy elements of this colour scheme; above right, this A-frame home is brought to life with modern colours and texture.

In the images above, again we see Futura walking the walk: Top, providing a linear contrast to vertical cladding and bottom, matching colour-wise with the roof and spouting while connecting visually with the weatherboard feature.

Feeling inspired to break out and blend styles, or follow a theme in keeping with your home's architecture? For advice on choosing a garage door to suit your style, Talk to Dominator.

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