Home Improvements with One Simple Step!

Home improvements are seldom easy, and often more costly than anticipated. There is one update that is simple, relatively affordable and can have spectacular results - a new garage door from Dominator. Upgrading your garage door has never been easier than it is now, with a highly desirable range, state of the art features and options, plus Dominator’s TEN year, Total Confidence Warranty.

Take a look at the difference a new garage door has made to the homes below.

Below, Top: The image on the left is not a bad look, but lacks finesse. On the right, a new garage door with glazed windows looks classy and echoes the glass panel in the front door, which has also been given a modern lift with new paint. Achieve this look with Dominator’s Somerset or Georgian.
Middle: Despite the lighting, it’s easy to see the lift a designer door has given this simple, mixed cladding home. Achieve this look with Dominator’s VL Designer Door.
Bottom: This brick home has left the 80’s and welcomed the new millennium with a garage door that matches the joinery - enhancing the overall appeal in just 24 hours. Achieve this look with Dominator’s Milano.

Below, Top: A glass-panelled garage door has taken this home from simply nice to strikingly cool, the glass panels mirroring the rest of the home’s glazing to superb effect. Achieve this look with Dominator’s VL Designer Door.
Bottom: A subtle change in colour pulls this house out of blandsville and adds style to its street frontage. Achieve a similar effect by installing Dominator’s Valero

Below, Top: This home looked insipid with its old, damaged garage door. A bright new door with windows matching the home’s joinery was just the ticket to give intention to the traditional features. Give your home a similar upgrade with Dominator’s Somerset or Georgian.
Bottom: The buff colour and pressed panels on the original garage door looked ‘samey’ against this tumbled brick cladding. A new garage door in a bold shade has made an eye-catching feature that offsets the brick, letting it shine proudly. You can achieve this effect with Dominator’s Futura.

Would you like to upgrade your home with a new garage door? Dominator offers a FREE Measure and Quote Service, with Distributors Nationwide, ready to help plan your home’s transformation.

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