Good Old Kiwi Ingenuity for Garage Gardening

If you have a garage you can create storage and workspace with just a little planning and a few up-cycled odds and ends.

Safety is really important, so be sure to keep sharp and heavy tools out of harms way, so they don’t damage your car or your family.  Poisons should be labeled clearly and kept high up out of reach of curious children.

Keeping your tools inside will give them a longer lifespan - there’s nothing worse than finally locating the hedge clippers then finding them blunt and rusted closed! Keep a sharpening stone and some oil with your gear, and give the tools a quick clean up after use.

Have you ever thought about indoor gardening? Hydroponic growing can be a great way to get some winter crops going without getting your boots muddy! It will take a little set up equipment and a couple of lights but once you have them you can enjoy your salad greens throughout winter for years to come.

Paint up old sets of drawers, grab some cheap wine boxes or even beer crates to make your garden storage super simple!

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