What Makes a Good Residential Garage Door Opener?

Are you in the market for a new garage door opener? There are a number of important considerations when making a choice regarding functionality, security, safety and convenience. Below we outline some of the key features to look for.

Safety Features

Garage doors that automatically open and close should have the necessary safety features to mitigate risks. For example, what happens if the garage door comes into contact with an obstruction while it is operating? Children and pets tend to move at speed, without warning so it’s important that a large moving object such as a garage door will not put them at risk of being struck.
Dominator’s range of residential openers all feature an Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) that reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property. If the garage door comes into contact with an obstruction on its way down, the door will immediately stop and reverse. If the door meets an obstruction on the way up, it will stop in its tracks.
ISS comes standard with all Dominator residential garage door openers.

Taking safety to the next level is simple and involves the use of an infrared beam to sense anything that moves within the garage door opening. The beam signals the opener if a child, pet or vehicle moves under the door while it is in motion. If this happens on the way down, the door will automatically reverse direction. If obstructed while on the way up, the door will stop.
Infra-Red Safety beams are available as an optional extra on all Dominator Openers. Dominator recommends the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.

Safety features are important for your family and pets

Locking Features

Security is a big concern for garages, the garage door provides not only a convenient entry point for burglars but the garage often houses some of our most valuable belongings. Adding a lock on your garage door is a good security step, providing an extra layer of protection on top of an automated opener.
Dominator takes garage protection a big leap ahead with Auto-LockTM. This integrated locking system allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it using nothing but your regular remote control. The Auto-LockTM device slides a bolt into the guide track automatically when the door closes and doesn’t require any additional action from you to operate. The result more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position, preventing break-ins and protecting your home and loved ones.
Auto-LockTM is available as an optional extra on any of Dominator’s residential Garage Door Openers.

Auto Lock adds an extra layer of protection to your garage door

Smartphone Automation

Garage door automation today goes far beyond just using a regular remote to control the door. A Smartphone Control Kit allows you to operate and check the status of your garage door from anywhere in the world. You can monitor your garage 24/7 and receive notifications whenever it gets used through Dominator’s specially designed smartphone app. You’ll never have to worry about whether the garage door was accidentally left open and you will know each time the garage door is opened or closed no matter where you are - subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability.
Smartphone automation is available as an optional extra on any of Dominator’s Garage Door Openers.

Smartphone Garage Door Control

Tri-Tran+ Technology

Older electric garage door openers were at risk of being hacked by jumping through different frequencies until the hacker found the one that opened the door.
Dominator’s high quality garage door openers feature Tri-Tran+ technology to mitigate this risk and protect your home. This technology involves a process of ‘code hopping’, which generates trillions of garage door rolling codes and uses a new code that is synchronised with your transmitter every time the garage door is operated so that only your transmitters can open your door.
Added to that, Tri-Tran+ simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies to prevent interference from other wireless devices such as baby monitors, doorbells or Bluetooth speakers. The Tri-Tran+ transmitter will still operate your door even if two frequencies are jammed.
Tri-Tran+ technology is a standard feature on all Dominator residential garage door openers.

Dominator"s range of residential openers

Smooth, quiet operation

Garage doors are large moving objects and can be known to have a distinct sound. Dominator addresses the issue with a wheeled trolley system for softer C-Rail operation and our Soft Start/Soft Stop feature. The opener cleverly adjusts its speed to slow down at the start and end of each cycle, to not only reduce load and wear on the opener but to soften the point of contact when the door finishes closing, meaning quieter operation all round.
If you have a baby or child with nap times, a shift worker in the house or your bedroom is located above the garage door, Dominator’s quiet belt drive option could be a great solution to further reduce noise and disruption. Available as an optional extra on Dominator Openers.

Protection you can Trust

For the latest automation technologies and superior features that come standard, choose a Dominator Garage Door Opener. Chat to a dealer from our nationwide network for personal service and advice.

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