Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is a Bad Idea

Kiwis are renowned for being great DIYers and that is something to be proud of. However, if your garage door starts making strange noises, begins to operate haltingly or stops working altogether and you are tempted to try and fix it yourself, please keep in mind that DIY garage door repairs can be difficult and dangerous. Here are four serious reasons for calling a professional instead of trying this project on your own.

1. You could make the problem worse

If you attempt garage door repair and accidentally use the wrong parts or methods, you could end up making the problem worse. Some mistakes may even damage the garage door and opener beyond repair, requiring you to buy a whole new setup. It’s best to engage a professional with the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Garage door components and technician

Specialist components require trained professionals.

2. Your tools might do more harm than good

Garage door repair requires specialist tools and components. Without the proper tools, repairing a garage door to be fully operational will be difficult, if not impossible. What’s more, if you try to fix the door with what you have on hand, you risk damaging the door as well as your own tools.
A good technician will have access to all the tools necessary to fix the problem correctly and without risk.

Springs hold massive tension

Your garage door springs hold a huge amount of tension - don't try to repair them yourself.

3. Safety First!

The most important reason not to try garage door repair yourself is that it’s downright dangerous! Garage doors weigh a couple of hundred kilos - if the door comes down it has enough force to cause serious injury or worse.
It’s not only the door itself that can be a threat to safety. The springs used in garage door systems also pose a significant danger. To lift such a heavy door, overhead springs hold a lot of tension. If those springs break during repair, they release the tension and send pieces flying with a force that could be fatal. Never try to fix the torsion spring on your garage door by yourself.
Garage door technicians are trained to work with these heavy doors and know what can happen in different repair scenarios, but most homeowners don’t. It really is not worth it to cut corners by attempting your own repairs.

Dominator Valero

Keep your door looking as great as this Valero with regular servicing.

4. Don’t ruin your garage door and your warranty!

Dominator offers fantastic warranties, such as our 10 Year, Total Confidence Warranty. To keep your warranty valid, your garage door must be regularly maintained and serviced. It makes complete sense to take care of your garage door and at the same time, don’t do anything that could invalidate its warranty. Putting it plainly, if you attempt repairs and get it wrong, you could ruin your chance of having the door fixed properly.

Get help from a Dominator professional

If your garage door is playing up, rather than putting your safety at risk and your door into more jeopardy, book a service or repair and save the DIY for more fun projects!

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