Your New Zealand Garage Door Health Check


We recommend that your Dominator Garage Door and Opener is serviced by an experienced technician every 12 months or earlier if required. It’s a very large moving part in your home and operating at its optimum is important for aspects of safety and long life. In fact if correct maintenance and servicing are not kept up your warranty may be void.

Please do not attempt to carry out your own repairs.

Dominator Garage Door Health Check 

When you think about how often it is used and what it protects, the garage door performs a significant role in keeping your family and assets safe. Don’t overlook  the importance of regular care.

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We recommend that you check the operation of your door at least every three to six months - more regularly for doors in extreme environments and those in frequent use. The effort required to manually open and to manually close the door should be roughly equal. If the door has an automatic opener, make sure to put it in manual mode before testing the door.

Unexposed areas of the garage door can be prone to build-up of contaminants that can lead to corrosion. To keep the door well maintained, wash regularly three to four times per year - more often if you are located close to the sea or geothermal areas. Use clean water and a soft bristled brush, paying particular attention to include the curtain face adjacent to the door head and inside over the top of a roller door. Timber finishes should be cleaned and maintained according to the timber finish manufacturer’s recommendations. Please do not attempt to wash your garage door opener!

For more servicing & repairs advice visit our Service & Repairs page.


A Healthy Dominator Garage Door

A well maintained garage door not only looks stunning, it will serve you longer and provide better protection for your family.

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