Dominator Industrial & Commercial Roller Doors

Whether you’re building a new commercial premise or thinking of replacing your old door, you cannot underestimate the security a quality industrial garage door will have on your business. That’s why we offer a wide range of door options to choose from.

Strong, secure and built to last, you will have peace-of-mind when you have a Dominator Industrial door installed.


Strong reasons for choosing a Dominator Industrial Roller Door.

  • Weather resistant - The weatherstrip, with its multifin design and deep cushioning, creates an effective seal against wind and leaves. On slightly uneven floors, it reduces the gap for a better fit.
  • True alignment – The galvanised steel tension strip is an integral component providing vertical rigidity ensuring that the door is not stretched.
  • Precise movement – The side edge strip with Tefloncoated surface ensures the door opens quietly, in an even manner and reduces friction allowing the door to operate smoothly in the guides.
  • Fast and easy operation – The factory aligned reduction gearing system ensures fast operation with minimum effort when opening or closing the doors over 3.3m high. Optional extra on other heights.
  • Perfect balance – A galvanised steel hub with a nylon bearing ensures long life for high repetition use. Computerised spring selection ensures consistent balance and reliable ease of operation.
  • Smooth, quiet operation – The nylofelt running strips eliminate metal-to-metal contact to provide smooth, quiet, friction-free operation.


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