Stop Rain and Leaves finding their way into your Garage.

The Dominator Exclude-A-Seal™ is an accessory designed to assist the door’s standard bottom rail seal in excluding dust, debris, pests and weather ingress under the door.

Our testing showed that water penetration was less evident with the seal fitted than without it.

The seal is able to be used on Dominator sectional and rolling overhead doors and should if possible be run past the width of the door with the ends mitred and returned into the structure.

Dominator Exclude-A-Seal combats Rain and D

There are two kits available:
3.3m P/N: OT8514
6.6m P/N: OT8515

The seal is made from extruded black PVC which is UV stabilised quality and is designed to be glued to a level garage floor as shown, it is not recommended for use if the floor is not level or even.

Exclude-A-Seal Keep Rain & Leaves out of your Garage




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