Steel Sectional Garage Doors

Dominator Garage Doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Our garage doors are designed to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe.

About Our Steel Sectional Garage Doors

Steel sectional garage doors are exactly what the name suggests – Tough, solid steel doors made in sections. This type of garage door is the perfect evolution of garage door design, delivering excellent performance and security you can rely on.

Our steel sectional garage doors are precision built, using the latest manufacturing techniques and a lot of experience provided by our expert team. We build our garage doors to the highest technical quality standards. If you’re trying to find a great new garage door, these doors offer a very good selection of different styles and choices.

Browse our range of different models and styles of garage doors on the links below. Be sure to check out the technical and other product information. You can use the downloadable information available for each product as a ready reference.

Due to their streamlined configuration, our garage doors maximise space in your garage, meaning you have more room for your car and anything else you wish to keep safe.

Style, Performance and Security, Custom Made

You can get your garage door made to perfection for your garage, with a great warranty and all the support you need. Our custom made garage doors are superior in quality, superior in performance, and made specifically for you. Call us for a free measure and quote and ask our Dominator garage door experts for any practical help and advice you need.