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Tilting Door Track Fittings

The Dominator range of Tilt Garage Door fittings offer the opportunity to create a door that is in harmony with its surroundings, giving the building a truly tailored and unique appearance. With durability and safety primary concerns, Dominator Tilt Door fittings offer the quality that is expected with all Dominator Garage Doors, and provide you with the opportunity to design a door that is only limited by your imagination.

Perfectly suited to larger garage doors where greater stability is provided through the addition of horizontal tracks to hold the door in the open position so as to minimise protrusion outside the opening.


Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 1850mm to 2700mm in height and door weights from 30kg to 175kgs.


• Strengthened main pivot bracket – thicker plate increases the solidity and stability of the fittings.
• New pivot bearing design – new design requires no lubrication, meaning that the pivot bearing is maintenance free.
• Rotating pivot shaft – pivot shaft rotates with power arm which decreases operational friction and increases the longevity of the pivot shaft.
• Reinforcing spring arm plate – thicker plate increases the sturdiness of the fitting
• Anti sway arm – decreases lateral movement of the door to ensure smooth operation
• Springs life – Springs designed to provide the fittings with greater durability and increased length of the working life.
• Weatherstrip with cushioning – helps restrict the entry of water, leaves and also limits dust from affecting the moving parts of the fittings.


• Spring anchor bracket – larger dome shaped spring anchor brackets provided standard on all fittings to offer a more secure fixing.
• Clove hook design on double springs – new patented design eliminates the possibility of spring separation to greatly improve overall safety of the fitting.
• Enclosed spring loop ends – the design restricts spring movement and consequently chances of escape.
• Trace wheels – heavy duty track wheels designed to provide smooth movement in the tracks with minimal noise.


• Extensive size range – available in a number of configurations to suit doors of various heights and widths.
• Minimal installation clearances required – able to fit where most other garage doors will not.



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 Servicing and Maintenance

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Your Dominator tilt door will be enhanced with a GDO-11 Sectional Door Opener or you have the opportunity to upgrade to the premium GDO-9 Sectional Garage Door Opener.



 Product brochure
 Servicing and Maintenance

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It’s important to have peace of mind when you make a purchase, that’s why your Dominator sectional door comes with a:

• 12 month warranty for domestic and residential applications.

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