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Mohair or Bristle Seals fill the gaps around your garage opening between the door and your garage.

A Mohair Seal acts as an effective barrier against dust, sand, leaves and even rain entering the garage, creating a cleaner internal environment. This is particularly important when the garage is used as a living area.

This solution is suitable for our complete range of Sectional garage doors and is usually fitted during the door installation.

  • Easy Operation Easy Operation
  • Smooth & Quiet Smooth & Quiet

Retrofitting this Seal

Please Note: The fitting of Mohair or Bristle Seals to an existing sectional door will require professional adjustment of the door to ensure adequate clearances and allow the door & opener to operate correctly & reliably. 

This is especially important if you intend to add Mohair or Bristle Seals to a door that doesn’t currently have such a seal. Please arrange for this to be done by your local Dominator Dealer at the time the new seal is fitted.

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