The Dominator Flex-A-Door® is an innovative product that allows you to get rid of that old rickety Tilt Garage Door and replace it with a far superior roller-sectional hybrid.

The Flex-A-Door features the famous Dominator Rolling Garage Door curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling. 

It is the perfect alternative when you are looking to replace your existing tilt door, or in situations where you have restricted headroom in your garage or carport.

  • Wide range of colour options Wide range of colour options
  • Smooth & Quiet Smooth & Quiet
  • Durable Manufacturing Durable Manufacturing
  • Easy Operation Easy Operation
  • Steel Gauge 0.4 BMT Steel Gauge 0.4 BMT

The Flex A-Door features the famous Dominator Roll-A-Door® curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling – providing a clean, neat appearance on both the outside and inside.

The horizontal lines of the ribbed door curtain match our existing roller door and will compliment most home styles.

Designed to be operated with an automatic garage door opener, we recommend our Dominator Sectional Door Opener Range for trouble free access to your garage and home.

Lifting vertically, you will be able to park directly in front of your garage unlike tilt doors which swing outwards first.

No more dangerous springs at the side. The Flex-A-Door encloses its springs within the horizontal tracks well away from little fingers.

Purpose designed Retractable head infill panel moves with the door to leave the opening free when the door is open but removes any large gap at the top when the door is closed. This, along with the door overlapping the opening reduces drafts and stops rain from entering your garage.



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“Backed by Dominator” Promise

“Backed by Dominator” Promise

In the wake of uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we’re protecting you with a nationwide promise that leaves no order unfulfilled.

The ‘Backed by Dominator’ Promise was introduced to provide you with confidence that when you order a Dominator Garage Door, Opener or Accessory from a Dominator Dealership, Dominator NZ will ensure you receive the product you ordered.

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Dominator Series A Domestic Flex-A-Door Profile


Window Ooptions



Automatic Door

Your Dominator Flex-A-Door combines perfectly with Tilt/Sectional door opener.



Double bar centre lift lock, with internal turn knob for easier operation. 

New 6 wafter lock barrel design, featuring a much sturdier locking mechanism that is highly pick resistant.

Can be Manually Operated


Installation Clearances

Recommended Clearance Requirements with Retractable Head Infil Panel:

Manual Headroom – 80mm

Headroom with opener – 130mm Minimum

Sideroom – 100mm Minimum

Drivethrough Height – Opening Height Less 40mm


Notes on Flex-A-Door® Headroom:

  • Headroom is the amount of height, measured from the the bottom of the lintel to the ceiling or lowest ceiling obstruction, that the door requires for operation.
  • If headroom clearance is 160mm or more, you can use a standard door without a Retractable Head Infil Panel with no impact on opening height.
  • If headroom clearance is 210mm or more, you can use a standard door without a Retractable Head Infil Panel with an opener with no impact on opening height.
  • If aesthetics are not important (you don’t mind the top 200mm of curtain curving inwards), Flex-A-Door® requires 40mm headroom or 130mm headroom if an opener is to be installed without a Retractable Head Infil Panel. (This may allow birds etc. to enter the garage.)




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Dominator uses COLORSTEEL®

Dominator uses COLORSTEEL®

All of our pre-painted steel is made for NZ conditions.

COLORSTEEL® is Dominator's preferred pre-painted steel range.


Reduced COLORSTEEL® Colour Offering

Due to increased demand, our pre-painted steel supplier – New Zealand Steel has made changes to their COLORSTEEL® service offer.

As a result, for the foreseeable future there is an industry-wide reduction in the range of Colorsteel® colours available for garage doors, roofs and sheds.

Below are the 12 COLORSTEEL® colours that are currently available to order.

Should you require a colour outside this reduced range, check with your Dominator Dealer as we may have some residual coil stock. There is also the option to powder coat the door in your preferred colour at an additional cost, again please discuss this with your local Dealer prior to order.





Sandstone Grey

Gull Grey


New Denim Blue


Thunder Grey


Windsor Grey

Desert Sand ~

~ Colour available as residual coil stock from Dominator. Please check with your local Dealer before placing order as NZ Steel is not currently producing this colour.

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